PUBG Update 2.49 Patch Notes – November 18, 2023


  • Adjustments have been made for AUG and Dragunov.


  • Horizontal knockback increase: +4%

  • Vertical recoil increase: +9.8%

  • Recoil reduction while crouching: -16% → -13%


Developer Comment: In Update 25.2, our goal was to foster a more balanced AR environment by adjusting the AUG RPM. After monitoring the post-update win rate metrics, we saw a small drop in the AUG win rate from 53.3% to 53.0%; however, this remained fairly consistent with the figures before the RPM adjustment. Given the AUG’s continued dominance in the AR category (excluding Care Package weapons like the FAMAS and Groza) and its stats surpassing those of the Beryl M762, we saw the need for further adjustments.

Through this update, we have decided to intensify its recoil to reduce stability in combat while preserving the distinctive character of the AUG. We’ve also tweaked the recoil reduction while crouched, ensuring it doesn’t provide excessive advantage in specific scenarios.

The Dragunov, on the other hand, lagged behind other DMRs in terms of kill distribution and win rates. To improve its usability, we have addressed the main concern our players have been mentioning: increasing the Dragunov’s RPM and improving its recoil recovery to make it a more consistent and versatile weapon.

For an in-depth look at the reasons behind these changes, we invite you to our upcoming PUBG Live Care Package, where our in-game Unit Director plans to provide a full explanation. We will also address your queries in real time during this session. For details on the livestream schedule, dates, rewards, and more, check out the PUBG Care Package: Episode 2 Announcement.

In our continued commitment to providing a diverse gaming experience that is not monopolized by a single weapon choice, we value and invite your feedback.

How to Play

To better assist with strategic planning, we have added the flight path of the initial plane, which will remain throughout the game, both on the world map and on the minimap.

r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2
  • On the map screen, you can turn the aircraft route on or off. A hotkey guide for this function has been added to the same screen.

  • This update applies to all modes.


  • PUBG World Championship 2023 themed decorations have been added to the maps.

  • KFC restaurants have been removed from Erangel, making way for the return of gas stations. Please note that the fuel pump function is not available on Erangel.


New Team Deathmatch map: Pillar Compound

r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2
r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2

Introducing a new Team Deathmatch map: a hidden Pillar Compound near Deston is here to provide unique and diverse shooting dynamics.

  • The design predominantly features a main building and side buildings.

  • Several elevated areas, including most rooftops, are inaccessible.

  • Elevators are available.

Map selection probabilities have been readjusted in accordance with this update.

r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2

Blue Bomb Race Improvements

Improved Bluebomb Rush mode based on player feedback and key performance metrics.

  • Markers/waypoints are now available to use on the map.

  • The starting position of the defending team was readjusted based on analysis showing their penetration too quickly into the central area.

  • Radio message options have been updated.

  • Modifications to weapon accessories purchased from the store will now be saved and these changes will be applied to subsequent purchases.

    • Attachments added to empty slots will not be saved.

    • Only attachments available in the attachment box can be saved.

    • For weapons equipped with magnified scopes, even if you upgrade to a non-magnified scope, the magnified scope will remain on the next purchase.

  • Updated the selection and price of weapons in the store:

  • Added a new “Awesome” message in-game that will appear when you achieve a victory in one-versus-many scenarios.

  • The death icons are more translucent.

  • When a player dies, the main weapon they were using will be dropped on top of their death box.

    • If no primary weapon is available, the secondary weapon will be dropped.

    • The duration of death boxes has been significantly extended.

  • Reduced round cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

  • The sounds of footsteps have increased slightly.

  • A leave penalty was added to curb unjustified leaves during a match. Arcade Points will be lost and you will not be able to participate in the game for a certain period of time.

Crafter Pass: Black Market 2023

r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2

The Crafter Pass is back, packed with even more exclusive rewards and events for this month’s shopping extravaganza! Read all the details in the Black Market 2023 announcement!

Custom match

Pillar Compound has been added to Team Deathmatch presets.


The event page has been refined.

  • Renamed page title to Event Center.

  • New quests associated with Survival Mastery levels have been added.

  • Standardized the display method for event rewards.


r/PUBGConsole - Patch Notes - Update 26.2

The character’s hair will now remain visible after equipping a hoodie. A portion of this update was incorporated into the previous update number 26.1.


Improved character animation optimization to increase CPU performance in situations where multiple characters are grouped together.

Error correction

How to Play

  • Fixed issue that allowed melee weapons to pass through walls when thrown prone from a corner of a building.

  • Fixed issue in training mode where the Dragunov would display inaccurate damage indications on hits to the target.

  • Fixed significant distance of the plane path and safe zone in Phase 1 in normal and custom games.

  • Fixed issue that caused O12 ammo to disappear when flying beyond a specific distance.

  • Fixed issue preventing the O12 from dealing damage after zeroing settings with a 6x scope equipped.


  • Fixed collisions, textures, performance and some other general issues for Erangel, Miramar and Taego.

user experience/user interface

  • Fixed issue where the notification icon would not disappear on the Match History page.

  • Fixed incorrect capitalized text in the Arcade lobby.

  • (Console) Updated the Social and Clan page exit button label from “Back” to “Close”.

Items and skins

※ Cropping issue: Graphics displaying outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed ankle transparency issue when female characters wore Jijing shorts.

  • Fixed issue with transparent feet when female characters wore Manic Butcher Shoes.

  • Fixed Cuddle Punk leg warmers becoming partially transparent when equipped with Phoenix shorts.

  • Fixed wrist clipping issue when hoodies were equipped with Cammy’s hats and gloves.

  • Fixed transparent wrist issue when the Team Merc uniform is equipped with PNC 2023 Trailblazer gloves.

  • Fixed transparent wrist issue when the QBZ Schematic Sweatshirt was equipped with certain t-shirts.

  • Fixed transparent wrist issue when Moon Lizard’s gloves were equipped with Moon Lizard’s body.

  • Fixed character/game transparent crash issues when switching between Bunny Academy Hazard Shoes and The Colonel’s Clogs.

  • (Console) Fixed transparent ankle issue when equipping the PUBG Onesie.

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