Public charges Osvaldo Ríos for the kiss and they take him out of “La Casa de los Famosos”

If something has been evidenced during the second season of “The House of the Famous” is that, those who enjoy the “show” of Telemundo, is a public that does not forgive a fault to the television stars who inhabit the mansion since last May 10. Last week the Cuban vedette lived it Niurka Marcos. Today, the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Riosalso had to say goodbye to the competition.

According to the presenter Hector Sandartirivers, heartthrob TV soaps such as “Kassandra” and “Abrázame very strong”, obtained the 53% of the votes. This week were also nominated Salvador Zerboni, Rafael Nieves and Yvonne Montero.

In social networks, fans of “La Casa de los Famosos” have expressed their discontent with the final decision. Many, through their comments, assure that the production committed fraud.

“What a trap they set for you, Osvaldo! Telemundo changed the votes very quickly,” said Briana Ale Kelly. “If it wasn’t the kiss, they would have thought of something else, don’t worry. The Zerboni is not the problem, the one with the levers is Daniella, ”said Veronica Slavova, for her part.

Last week the great protagonists of Telemundo’s “reality” show were Zerboni and Ríos. On Monday, before the expulsion of Marcos was announced, both interpreters starred in a moment worthy of the French mafia. The soap opera heartthrob kissed the Mexican actor on the mouth in declaration of “war”.

The dispute between the two interpreters rose to a higher level when the companions of their respective rooms joined in a fight where everything has been allowed. In this way, for a week, through the “24/7” available in telemundo.comthe only thing that is presented are insults, mistreatment and strategies to eliminate each other.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the test of the leader of the week will be held, where one of the celebrities will have the opportunity to go up to the suite with a companion.

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