Public Works closes the Duarte bridge from tomorrow at night

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications reported this Thursday that, in agreement with the contracting firm, it will close the Duarte bridge to vehicular traffic on Friday, September 2, Saturday, September 3, and Sunday, September 4, in order to empty the grout ( very fluid and self-leveling material) in 11 joints located in the center of the structure.

The Vice Minister of Road Maintenance, Mélito Santana Rincón, announced that the bridge closure It will be from 9:00 at night until 6:00 in the morning.

Grout is a very fluid, self-leveling material used to fill bases, anchors and small spaces. They are also applied in post-tensioned concrete structures for filling cable cavities.

Santana Rincón explained that, in response to a request from the firm Pinsa, to apply the emptying, the closure is more favorable, because for the structural conditions of the bridge generates many vibrations with the passage of the vehicles that pass through there, and because of the temperature issue.

“In order to guarantee a good job in terms of pouring the grout, the technicians recommended closing the bridge during the times in which the pouring is applied,” he explained.

Since mid-July this year. the Duarte bridge is being exchanged for the expansion joints, recapping of the asphalt layer, asphalt placement, horizontal and vertical signage, and maintenance of its railings.

alternate pathways

The MOPC reported that the alternate routes for the vehicles that travel in the West-East direction they are the avenues 27 de Febrero, doctor Delgado, Mexico, crossing towards Santo Domingo Este, by the Ramón Matías Mella bridge that can take the following streets: C/ Josefa Brea, incorporation towards México avenue, crossing towards SDE.

Also, Rafael Atoa and Josefa Brea streets, joining towards Mexico Avenue, crossing towards Santo Domingo Este through the Mella bridge; Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó with Juan Parra Alba and Isabel la Católica streets, joining towards México, crossing to the east by the Mella bridge, and Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó-Puente Flotante avenue.

Likewise, for vehicles that travel in the East-West direction, the routes to use are Club Rotario, Juan Luis Duquela, Rosario, Malecón Avenue towards Floating Bridge, crossing into the National District By himself.

The streets of the Rotary club, Juan Luis Duquela, Rosario, the Malecón avenues, Spain, February 25, crossing towards the National District by the Ramón Matías Mella bridge.

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