Pull & Bear’s most coveted dress right now is this tulle tie dye (and this is why)

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There are garments that go viral without a specific explanation and garments of which We know perfectly well the reason for its popularity. No one knows why she gave us the yellow jacket from Zara so popular (that color wasn’t even so fashionable at that time), but we are sure that this Skims dress is viral because it looks great.

This is what has happened with the Pull & Bear tie dye tulle dress how much is it succeeding in networks right now. It is not that tie dye is experiencing a new resurgence or anything like that -in fact this season we have practically not seen it-, but the tulle is hitting hard again.

street style

We have seen it a lot in tops throughout the winter (they are the ones that have allowed us to turn a long-sleeved T-shirt into a party top) and now that the good weather has arrived, it promises also invade the dresses. The best proof of it? This Pull & Bear dress:

Courtesy of Pull & Bear.

If you are a follower of the Kardashians or if you are simply aware of the trends, surely the design sounds familiar to you, why not? And it is that the dress is very similar to one of Loewe that has already gone super viral last year, taking it among many other kendall jenner.

Kendall Jenner in the Loewe dress.

One more proof of how the trends of luxury firms, sooner or later, end up moving to the lowest cost stores. Of course, compared to the 890 euros that the original Loewe dress cost, this one from Pull & Bear is much more affordable: it costs only 29.99 euros.

Courtesy of Pull & Bear.

Zara street style dress

A similar alternative that is available

The furor for this dress has been such that it has already hung the poster of sold out in all its sizes. So since we have two options, sit down and wait for it to be replaced or look for an alternative, we have opted for this second one. And we have found this very similar version also in Pull:

Courtesy of Pull & Bear.

It is a little cheaper than the viral model (it costs 25.99 euros) and although it styles just as well, it has a big difference in addition to the colors: its front opening. A very sensual detail that for summer can give us a lot of play if we combine it with high-heeled sandals.

Orange is a color that greatly enhances the tan.

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