Pumas demands compensation of 5 million dollars from Dani Alves

According to reports in Brazil, the Mexican team sent an email to the Brazilian star to request compensation

The cougars seek compensation of five million dollars from Daniel Alveswho was a player for the auriazules until January 20, this because the Brazilian was imprisoned in Spain for alleged sexual assault.

The feline team considers that the winger violated the terms of behavior provided for in the contract signed by himself in July 2022.

alves39, was cut from the team the same day that preventive detention was decreed and it was Leopoldo Silva, president of cougarswho announced the dismissal of the Brazilian.

the directive of cougars sent an email to the Brazilian informing him of the decision, along with a claim for compensation.

According to the medium wowwho had access to the document that the club sent to the player, the latter assures that there are clauses in the employment contract of alves that “penalize participation in doping cases”, “in any scandal that becomes public” or in “any act that is considered a crime under the law of the country in which it took place”.

With this, the club claims that the Brazilian’s case falls within these terms and, therefore, demands financial compensation.

“Due to a very serious breach by the player, in the terms provided in the fourteenth and fifteenth clauses of the contract, the player is irremediably obliged to reimburse the club for the payment of the compensation provided in the fifteenth clause of the contract, in the amount of US$ 5,000 ,000 (five million US dollars), net, that is, free of all taxes or withholdings,” says cougars in the email.

in said email, cougars further states that “reserves the right to undertake each and every one of the actions before FIFA and/or in any other relevant and competent jurisdiction, to claim compensation, which was agreed under the terms of the fifteenth clause of the contract”.

At the same time, ESPN looked for people from cougars and those close to the case Daniel Alves and, for legal reasons, no comments were issued on the information they published from Brazil and the same in which the whole of the UNAM asks for financial compensation.

with the cats, Daniel Alves he played 13 games, gave four assists and scored no goals. His last game with the team was on January 8 against Juarez Braves.

The Dani Alves case

Daniel Alves is accused of sexual assault in Spainthis after he allegedly committed a crime between December 30 and 31 in a nightclub in Barcelona named Sutton.

The player, who was in Spain to spend Christmas before leaving for Mexico to return to training cougarswas denounced by a woman who claimed that he had committed the crime.

According to the Catalan chain antenna3who has had access to the closed circuit images of the nightclub, there is a video that shows that the player and the alleged victim remained for a while in the bathroom.

Daniel Alves testified on January 5 in a court of Barcelona and denied the accusation; however, he was preventively imprisoned by a judge to avoid a possible escape.

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