Putin blames the West for playing a “dangerous, bloody and dirty game”

(CNN Spanish) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that the world is facing the “most dangerous decade” since the end of World War II, blaming Western countries for playing a “dangerous, bloody and dirty game.” .

In his speech during the Valdai Club thought and debate forum in Moscow, Putin said that “the unipolar world is a thing of the past.”

“We are on a historic frontier. The most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War II awaits us,” he added.

“The West is unable to rule mankind alone, but it is desperately trying, and most of the world’s people no longer want to put up with it, this is the main contradiction. The situation (worldwide) has the prerequisites for a revolution,” Putin said.

The “lower classes” do not want to live in the old way and the “upper classes” cannot continue like this, Putin added, quoting a phrase from Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

Russia is not an ‘enemy of the West’, says Putin

Putin also blamed Western governments for trying to dominate the world and wanting to control the world’s resources by staging “color revolutions” in other countries, “like the one in Ukraine in 2014,” adding that Western nations are “losing control.” of world affairs.

At the same time, he said that Russia “has never been and does not consider itself an enemy of the West” and that it does not “challenge Western countries, but defends their right to exist.” In addition, he called for cooperation: “Together we can achieve more than apart.”

Putin stressed, however, that no one can tell Russia how to build its society.

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“The West can do what it wants with gay parades, but it shouldn’t dictate the same rules for Russia,” he said.

During his speech, Putin also said that world events continue to develop in a “negative direction.”

“The West will have to start a conversation about our common future. In the modern world, it is unlikely that they will not be affected. The crisis will reach everyone. Humanity has two paths: either get worse or try to find new solutions together.”

Putin’s remarks come at the worst moment in Russia’s relations with the United States and Europe since the end of the Cold War, with the war in Ukraine escalating by the day.

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Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and since then it has occupied a vast territory in the south and east of Ukraine. The Ukrainians have been resisting the invasion, with the military help of NATO countries, led by the United States, and even fighting back, but the Russian presence in the country remains strong.

Thus, fears of the possible use of nuclear weapons or the outbreak of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia grow every day.

In this regard, Putin said that war was inevitable and blamed the West for creating the crisis.

“The changes in Ukraine did not start with the start of a special military operation. These changes have been going on for many years. The tectonic shift in the world order has been going on for many years,” Putin said.

“NATO enlargement with Ukraine was totally unacceptable to us, and the whole world knew it, and they ignored it. They totally ignored the interest in the security area, and a certain attempt just failed,” the Russian president added.

“Russians and Ukrainians are one people historically. Right now it’s almost like a civil war,” he continued.

Earlier on Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov had said that Putin’s “voluminous” speech at the Valdai Club “will have to be analyzed, studied, read and reread for many more days.”

The theme of this year’s meeting is “A post-hegemonic world: justice and security for all”, as announced by the forum.

With information from Uliana Pavlova, Sugam Pokharel, Amy Cassidy, Anna Chernova, and Radina Gigova.

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