Putin is seriously ill with cancer and they want to overthrow him, says Ukraine’s intelligence chief

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence said in an interview on Friday that Vladimir Putin is seriously cancer patient and that a coup d’état is already underway in Russia to remove him from office.

“We can confirm that Putin is in very poor condition. psychological and physical. He is very ill. He suffers from several diseases at the same time, one of them is cancer, ”Major General Kyrylo Budanov told the British channel Sky News.

Putin’s health

The state of health of the Russian president has become one of the great questions in the midst of the war in ukraine after several videos were released suggesting that he is weakened. In one you can see him clinging to a table during a meeting, in another there is a slight tremor in one of his arms. The latest speculation revolved around images of the celebrations of the victory dayin which the president was seen covering his legs with a blanket.

During the military parade for May 9 – the celebration of the Soviet victory against the Nazis in World War II – it was seen that the president was the only one who had a blanket on his lap, unlike the rest of the veteran generals in the event, seated around him in a gallery, who did not have such a coat, despite the fact that they were people older than him.

Likewise, an extensive investigation by a Russian opposition media outlet that analyzed the president’s medical visits confirmed that he suffers from thyroid cancer.

the end of the war

In the interview with the British media, he also assured that the war against Russia “is going so well that it will reach a turning point in mid-August and will end at the end of the year.” This is the most accurate prediction ever made by a senior Ukrainian official. “I’m optimistic,” he added.

The interview took place in his office, a dark room filled with the paraphernalia of war, protected by sandbags stacked on his windows.

Sky News also described machine guns stacked on the floor and a spare rifle magazine on his desk that doubled as a paperweight.

Budanov, 36, correctly predicted when the russian invasion when other members of his government were publicly skeptical, and now he says he is confident in predicting their conclusion.

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“The breaking point will be in the second part of August. Most active combat actions will be over by the end of this year. As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all our lost territories, including donbass Y crimea”.

According to Budanov, Russia’s tactics have not changed despite its shift to the east and Russia is suffering huge losses, although he declined to comment on Ukrainian casualties. “We know everything about our enemy. We know his plans almost at the moment they are drawn up, ”he assured.

“Europe sees Russia as a great threat. They are afraid of her aggression. We have been fighting against Russia for eight years and we can say that such publicized Russian power is a myth. It’s not that powerful. It is a horde of people with guns,” she concluded.

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