Putin would have arrested his own military chief for leaks about the Russian Army

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would have fired and arrested one of the main chiefs of his country’s Army, Roman Gavrilov, 45, for leaking information and wasting one of the most precious components during the conflict: fuel.

Apparently, according to the British portal Daily Star, the deputy head of the Rosgvardia force, was arrested by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB).

Said medium also affirms that it is possible that the retaliation occurred due to the information given by the military, since this led to the loss of several lives.

Gavrilov had assumed the post – from which he was removed – in June last year, after having served for 10 years in the country’s Federal Guard. However, its front (Rosgvardia) has been the most affected since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

the russian middle Kommersant stated that after what happened with General Gavrilov, about the alleged criminal prosecution and even his arrest, the Russian Guard refrained from commenting and the chairman of the Information Policy Committee of the State Duma, Alexander Khinshtein, who was previously an adviser to the commander head of the National Guard, described the information about the arrest of the general as “absolutely false”.

Khinshtein also told the outlet that he had even had calls with the military and that, in fact, they sent each other correspondence, so he could not be detained. After the above, no further details about Gavrilov’s situation are yet known.

Russian military convoy of more than 60 kilometers advances towards kyiv

Despite the commitment of the Ukrainian military to contain the advance of the Russian Army, a huge military convoy that would measure more than 60 kilometers continues on its way to kyiv to take control of the capital.

The latest images taken by the Maxar Technologies satellite showed a regrouping of troops around the convoy, leading many to speculate a much more ferocious new offensive by Vladimir Putin’s military forces. The snapshots taken by the same satellite also reveal strategic positions that are located just 27 kilometers from kyiv, including in wooded and residential areas of the city of Ozera.

The Ukrainian government sees how the siege on kyiv is tightening and they promised a “fierce defense” of the capital against the Russian forces that, according to local authorities, bombed a military base in the Lviv region on Sunday, near the border with Poland .

Present on the outskirts of kyiv, Russian troops are trying to neutralize neighboring towns to “blockade” the capital, according to the Ukrainian General Staff. Its northwestern suburbs (Irpin, Bucha) have been heavily bombed in recent days.

The British Ministry of Defense estimated on Saturday that the Russian forces were 25 kilometers from the capital and that the northern column had dispersed, which could be an indication that a siege is being prepared.. However, both west and east of the capital, Ukrainian resistance is fierce, journalists covering the war in this area noted.

The Ukrainian Presidency promised a “fierce defense” of the capital and the Ukrainian soldiers interviewed by AFP maintain that their morale is intact. And what of his enemies? “They have been forced to camp in villages with temperatures reaching -10ºC at night. They have no supplies and they have to loot houses,” said 27-year-old Ukrainian soldier Ilya Berzenko.

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