Puzzer fired from the port of Trieste: “I’ll go to court”. The reply: “Political issues have nothing to do with it”

Stefano Puzzer, the former trade unionist of the CLPT and leader of the No Green pass protests in the port of Trieste, was fired by the Port Labor Agency for “just cause”. Puzzer himself made it known in a video posted on Facebook, announcing that he will fight “with all his might against the decision of the company”, the Trieste Port Workers Agency (Alpt). “You didn’t make it by putting cocaine in my urine and you won’t make it now,” said Puzzer, who had announced that he would not show up for work until the Green pass was abolished, arguing that in case he would have preferred to deliver pizzas. After the message from Puzzer, the president of the Alpt, Francesco Mariani, however, wanted to specify the reasons for the dismissal: “The story is closely linked to the relationship of the worker with his agency, which must be based on loyalty and compliance with the regulations health and contractual, without creating harm to other port workers in terms of image and concrete participation in the work activity “.

Alpt’s response: “The dismissal has nothing to do with political issues”

Mariani then underlined that Puzzer’s dismissal “has nothing to do with political events on which the worker relies on”. “Personally, I feel affection for the worker – continued the president of the ALPT -. When Puzzer asked me for personal, financial help, he found me available. As president of Alpt, however, I have to look at all workers, their salaries, their families. Someone’s legitimate personal ambitions cannot strike, weaken the art.17 workers (those on call) of the port and the port of Trieste “. In fact, since last February, the Alpt had sent several times a series of objection letters to Puzzer, asking him to return to work regularly, given that the port was in possession of the Green pass, as he was cured of Covid. But the leader of the No Green Pass protests in the past five months has worked more.

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