Quarantined? Kate Middleton, Wife of Prince William


Bad news would come for Prince William, one of the closest members of his family is in quarantine Did Kate Middleton test positive?

Infections have been on the rise throughout the world and the royals are not escaping from them, one of their members has tested positive, the ” wife of Prince William “,  Kate Middleton, is quarantined. 

It emerged in the last moments that Kate Middleton, wife of the “second in line to the British throne”, and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, could have contracted the virus that causes the dreaded condition that has put the world in check since the end of 2019. 

The daughter-in-law of ” Prince Charles of Wales ” would have tested positive, so at this time she has been quarantined, as dictated by the provisions. It was through an Instagram account of the residents of Kensington Palace, where the news that has lit red lights on royalty was also shared.




According to various reports, Catherine of Cambridge will have to remain in quarantine for 10 days after coming into contract last week with a person who later tested positive for the presence of this condition, Kensington Palace reported on Monday.

His Royal Highness does not present any symptoms, but he is following all government guidelines in this regard and is isolating himself at his residence, they announced from the Cambridge residence in a statement.

Catalina Elizabeth Middleton would have attended the Wimbledon tennis tournament last Friday, a sport to which she is a great fan, they refer. Despite his regret, he will no longer be able to watch the men’s and women’s finals of the grass-court tournament that takes place this weekend.

Similarly, it should be noted that Prince William’s wife, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (first name), has already received the two doses of vaccine against Covid-19 in 2020, which would contribute in a certain part to the germ not attacking so strong his organism, since, as it has spread by the scientific community, the vaccines do not save to avoid the contagions. 


Also, the sister-in-law of “Prince Harry”, “Harry of Sussex”, undergoes antigen tests, twice a week, like the entire royal family, transcended. 


According to clinic Barcelona, ​​these types of tests are immunoassays, which are frequently used for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. They allow the presence of proteins of a specific infectious agent to be detected. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the test is able to detect the surface proteins of this virus. 


After being warned, the mother of the princes, George, Charlotte, and Louis, began the isolation last Friday. Sadly, this undermines some of the plans the Dukes of Cambridge had this week. 

Now, “His Royal Highness” will not be able to accompany his spouse, also “Earl of Strathearn”, and other titles, this, since the famous members of the royalty, intended to celebrate the 73 anniversary of the British public service,

The 39-year-old Duchess will now be unable to attend the mass organized at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, let alone the reception organized at Buckingham Palace for medical personnel. 

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It is worth mentioning that this is the second confinement of the member of House Windsor since it was in the spring of 2020 when Prince William contracted the virus, and his health worried the entire royal family, reported the British press. 

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