Queen Elizabeth, new mourning for her. A devastating year for Reale

It’s not really peace for the Queen Elizabeth that after the passing of his beloved wife, Prince Philip, she has never really recovered. And now he has to face yet another mourning. “This time the sovereign does not hold” …

Queen Elizabeth, after the death of her Philip, has never really recovered: they have loved each other for a lifetime

It is definitely not an easy time for the Queen Elizabeth. She has always shown, from a very young age, to be a strong, determined and courageous woman, as well as capable of fight “tooth and nail” for what he wanted, especially in love.

She had fallen in love that she was only little more than a child of the his Philip, older than her, and went out of her way to to be able to marry him. They loved each other for a lifetime and she even forgave him some fling because she knew that as sovereign and he his prince consort, tended, when he had to – necessarily – fulfill his many duties as ruler, neglect it a little too much.

They built a beautiful and much talked about family together and now she can’t think of having to go through every single day without him.

He also mentioned it during his heartwarming Christmas speech: next to her on video, in an elegant frame, there was a photo of them. I looked accomplices and they were happy and in love like two little boys.

In addition to the passing of her husband, she suffered greatly from the disappearance of other people who were very dear to her

He thought about warming her heart his beloved son Carlo with his wife Camilla which Elizabeth esteems a lot but it was the one who split him in two the third son Andrea who is still in the storm for some sexual accusations that are discrediting not only his image but also that of the whole the Royal Family.

Also there is always the fact of the remoteness from his beloved Harry’s Palace than with his Meghan he decided to live far away because his beautiful wife was fed up with the criticisms of the Sovereign and the English Press that she began to doting on for Kate Middleton, wife of William, who has just turned 40.

Elizabeth then, in addition to the departure of his Philip, has seen other very dear people like the Duchess of Grafton die in recent months and – above all – in the last few weeks, Ann Fortune Fitzroy, one of the greatest friends of the Sovereign, and Lady Diana Farnham, his lady-in-waiting.

And now there is another terrible mourning that is making her suffer and not a little …

Ivon Herbert, journalist and racing coach, longtime friend of Elisabetta, died

In fact, he died Ivor Herbert, a famous and highly regarded journalist and racing coach, as well as a long-time friend of the Queen, who passed away at the age of 96. Man was a former Coldstream Guards officer and was a visitor to the Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Furthermore, according to rumors leaked by the Daily Mail Herbert was also the horse trainer that in 1957 valong with the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

He was then responsible for the screenplay of the 1966 film The Great St.Trinian’s Train Robbery (The most battered robbery of the century).

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