Rachel McAdams and the best films of the Doctor Strange actress

Rachel McAdams came to Marvel as the romantic interest of Stephen Strangebut she has become a heroine and one of the favorite characters of the MCU today, but before that she was already a popular actress thanks to her work in great comedies and dramas that marked lives and cultural moments (surely you still remember what day of the week you have to wear pink).

Prior to Marvelher most iconic role was that of an evil teenager who made Lindsey Lohan’s life impossible in high school, but that was only a first test of what she could do and little by little more and better stories began to arrive.

McAdams now she’s a nominee Oscar for his role in spot light (based on a real case), has worked with great actors and directors, and has new projects that sound promising, so now is a good time to marathon his best films (and we’re not going to include The Notebookbecause it has better things).

Best Rachel McAdams Movies:

True Detective


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It is not a movie, but one of the best series of HBO. This is an anthology series that each season follows a series of police investigations, where not only the murderers and criminals are discovered, but also the traumas and problems of the detectives themselves.

Doctor Strange


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