Rachel Zegler’s ‘Hunger Games’ prequel tops box office, recoups budget

Rachel Ziegler

No J-law, no problem…

Fans are still craving ‘Hunger Games’

Rachel Ziegler has become a lightning rod lately – but the fact that his latest movie just hit #1 says a lot… including the fact that people clearly want more ‘Hunger Games’ .

The actress plays the lead role in the new prequel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” which topped the box office this weekend with $44 thousand domestically and nearly $99 million worldwide. That’s pretty cool, considering the budget was a tidy $100M.

Granted, it didn’t perform as well as everyone else Jennifer Lawrenceprevious installments of – but considering he’s not in it, not to mention the stiff competition, it’s not a bad result.

We’ll see if Lionsgate wants to make more of these movies – while the new ‘Hunger Games’ movie will probably be in the black in the long run, it remains to be seen if there’s enough interest in the franchise at this point. One or two other entries.

In any case, the studio is smiling after this, with Lionsgate’s vice chairman adam fogelson Saying, “We were a little light domestically and a little bit above[expectations]internationally, so we’re thrilled with the result. It will be a great business result for the studio.”

Of course, this should also be a good sign for Ziegler himself… who could clearly establish Donkeys as the star of a major blockbuster. You know Disney was pleased to hear this.

As we’re sure you know by now, RZ has taken some flak recently over the upcoming ‘Snow White’ reboot… namely, for talking a lot of trash About the original story etc.

Luckily, he won’t have to deal with it for the next few years… Got it kicked out on the road For a 2025 opening – and as they say, time (and success) heals all wounds.

As for ‘The Hunger Games,’ it beat out “Trolls Band Together,” “Thanksgiving” and the new ‘Marvels’ movie… which posted a historic decline in its second week in theaters.

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