Rachel Ziegler comes to Taylor Swift’s defense: “It’s nothing new that the media is particularly cruel to Taylor” | LOS40

emotional life of Taylor Swift He has always given a lot to talk about. Yes Joe Jonas, what if hary stylesYes Calvin Harris And a long one and so on. Since he is related to the American football player, travis kelsAll kinds of comments have not stopped coming regarding the singer’s personal life.

A few days ago, one of the podcast contributors forgive my mistake Questions were raised about rumors about a possible relationship between the artist and the athlete. dan katzAlly, without any shame, stated that “If Taylor Swift wants to take control of our Sunday Man, I’m going to need to watch a sex tape. These are my demands.”

Fed up with many men making such comments about women without facing any major consequences, the actress snow White 2024, Rachel Ziegler has come forward in defense of Taylor Swift.

ziegler He has used his Twitter profile to blame the media for acting as a mouthpiece for these types of comments and doing nothing about it.

“It’s nothing new for the media to be particularly – and unfairly – cruel to Taylor Swift. But the way men feel entitled to talk about women, their bodies and their sex lives needs to be seriously evaluated,” he begins. snow White,

“You never see people talking about a man like this. This applies to many different scenarios. We don’t analyze men’s attitudes and relationships the way we do women’s. “It’s not always just men who talk like this about us. Women can and do too. It smells bad. “Leave Taylor Swift alone!” He said clearly. Rachel Ziegler.

After condemning the situation that unfortunately many women have gone through, the actress once again defended her position saying “Many people hide it as a ‘joke’ but you have to understand that it’s the time. “You can’t accept it’s a joke from the beginning.” Has become synonymous with ‘let me say something terrible about women without suffering consequences’. We are sick and tired! It’s never been this fun! Buy yourself a life!”.

The telephone bracelet with which the relationship between Taylor and Travis began

In the podcast he travis kels Along with his brother, the player himself revealed that on various occasions he tried to get closer to the singer because he was obsessed with her. And they did it in a way that was as original as it was ineffective. kelsey went to a concert on tour eras tour Of TailorWhere fans usually exchange personalized bracelets, so the athlete wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and tried to send her a bracelet with her phone number, but in the end, this gift never reached its recipient.

“I was a little angry at not being able to give her one of the bracelets I made for her. “I got a lot of (bracelets) there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with her number on it,” the player told her. nfl Both of them share the program with their brother.

After this disappointment, kelsey He did not give up and got together in September Tailor In New York where they had their first conversation and from that moment on they started seeing each other more often. All fears of a possible relationship began when the interpreter love story went to a game of kansas chief, the team where he plays travis kels And since that moment different information has not stopped emerging about this new romance.

The last time we saw each other Tailor And travis He has also been a very good support in the stadium box. Tailor He sat near the player’s mother, donnawith whom he celebrated the victory kelsey, There were other famous people in the same compartment like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman, sabrina carpenter And even his brother, Austin Swift.

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