Racy activist ‘Vegan Booty’ to protest in bikini on beach to celebrate 30th birthday

An animal activist has asked people to wear bikinis on the beach during a birthday protest in the name of saving animals

Tash Peterson, who goes by the online alias of Vegan Booty, has called on her supporters to rally together on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, to protest in their usual manner.

“After Vegan Camp Out Australia on November 26th, I will be celebrating the week of my 30th birthday with an animal rights bikini/boardies protest on Bondi Beach,” she wrote.

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Tash is from Perth, Australia and said “All vegans are welcome to join the protest!”

30th birthday poster provided by Tash Peterson (Image: x/@vganbooty)

He said this alongside a poster which showed cartoon figures holding signs calling for non-vegetarianism.

“If you’re not vegan you’re an animal abuser,” read one such sign.

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