Radahn, Scourge of the Stars in Elden Ring: How to defeat him and rewards

Elden Ring will make us face a good number of bosses throughout its history. One of them is Radahn, Scourge of the Starsa main boss that we will defeat in the Red Mane Castle.

Radahn, Scourge of the Stars, strategies and how to defeat him

  • vulnerable to: ???
  • Strong against: ???
  • Dropped Items: Runes x70,000, Memory of Radahn, Great Rune of Radahn.

First of all, the fight against Radahn, Scourge of the Stars, is divided into three phaseswe are going to divide it clearly so as not to get lost.

Phase 1: Approach

When the fight starts Radahn to be in the center of the battlefield. The area is gigantic and use a great bow to shoot lightning arrows. To avoid them you must roll at the last moment or use the piles of weapons as an obstacle. Incredible as it may seem, they will withstand the impact. As you advance, activate summon signs.

To get to second pile of weapons, get on the horse and run to the left. You will hit with another summoning sign and Radahn fire a column of tracked spears, which fall vertically and chase you. You will have to run with the horse to avoid them. Be careful why launch “shotguns” of arrows that you can easily dodge, but he might shoot another lightning arrow.

Phase 2: Maximum Damage and Recalls

By this point, your ghost allies will have already reached the boss and Radahn draw his huge machetes. Here you have two options: the first is limit yourself to summoning and attacking from a distance, dodging Radahn’s attacks whenever you can. If you dare, lying on the stage there are several Radahn spears, used as greatbow arrows. The second is get close and melee, especially with Hemorrhage weapons (he is very vulnerable to it). Do not forget re-summon NPCs each time they fall, the marks will appear in the combat area.

Regardless of his attacks with the swords, we will explain to you how to avoid his mid-range attacksespecially the electric ones, completely lethal:

  • Charge and Swords: if you see him charging at you, he’s going to unleash a series of vertical sword strikes with much more range and tracking than it seems. He gets on the horse and runs away.
  • electric balls: without a doubt, the most followed attack of the boss, after the lightning arrow. The only way to dodge it is to ride sprinting directly horizontal to the direction the attack is coming from.
  • electric wave: perhaps in a tribute to sekiroperhaps product of a hit box exceptional, when I cast the electric wave at ground level, it just jumps. It doesn’t matter if you’re on horseback or on foot, if you’re in the air, it won’t hurt you.

Otherwise, it is very important that you deal maximum damage during this phase. The thing will become very tricky in the third.

Phase 3: lightning strikes and end of combat

After taking some damage (if you melee harass him, it will take longer and you will be able to get more out of Phase 2), Radahn disappear by jumping into the air. At this point you should take a look at sky: fall like a meteorite, being able to go down in different trajectories and with different impact areas. Right after, I will appear some huge pieces of meteorite around him.

Their attacks are the samewith the difference that, at some point, throw meteorites at you, like electric balls of Phase 2 (and that he continues to use, be very careful). here you go two options: have summoned enough allies for them to fit the meteorites, or take advantage of one of the dunes so that the rocks hit it. If you eat all the meteorites, you will die. almost certainly.

Be very careful because if the fight drags on, jump back to the sky and fall again like a nuclear bomb.

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