Rafa Nadal’s forceful response to FIFA about the rainbow controversy

Rafa Nadal supported all those people who are suffering in the World Cup in Qatar for not being able to show their freedom of expression, in the case of the community flag LGTBI+: “We are in a global world in which people must have more and more rights. Everyone should have the freedom to express the feelings they have, as long as they do not harm others.

Nadal also took the opportunity to send a message of reflection on the purpose of sport in society: “Sport is a place to express oneself, because it has global exposure at the media level, but, beyond all that, for me the important thing is that ended up playing soccer. The decisions that FIFA makes or does not make may seem better or worse to me, but in the end they are rules and attitudes that they want to take at their event. The rest should be free to express themselves and show their disagreement, as is already happening. All this comes as a result of FIFA prohibiting soccer players from showing “political signs” during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a controversial decision in response to criticism of the lack of labor rights of the people who worked on the construction sites of the tournament stadiums. or the harsh laws of the country against the LGTBI+ collective.

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