Rafa Puente will be Ferretti’s replacement for AP2022

After the fateful FC Juárez tournament, coach Ricardo Ferretti reached a mutual agreement with the board of directors of the border team to leave the bench after the poor results in the Apertura 2022 and Clausura 2022.

Of course, the board has begun to move to prepare for the next tournament and two names that could come are already beginning to be heard. According to journalist Luis Castillo, the main candidate would be Rafa Puente Jr, who served as Ferretti’s assistant.

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Puente has the support of the board, but not that of the fans, since during the tournament, several media outlets pointed out that Ferretti was not comfortable with the work of the young coach, since he pointed out that he was not helping much in the technical part.

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Another option according to Futbol Total is Tomas Campos, a former Cruz Azul player who has been in the Bravos basic forces for around five years, and has even had the opportunity to lead the first team twice, for which The option of giving it a new opportunity is not ruled out.

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