Rafael Amaya returns to the Lord of the Skies for the 8th season

This past February the great news arrived, Telemundo is preparing the eighth and new season of “El Señor de los Cielos”, a series that became the most watched in Spanish, a production in which they have been waiting for the return of Raphael Amayawho was finally confirmed for to return to interpret to ‘Aurelio Casillas’.

It was this past Thursday when the same actor shared a video in advance to be able to observe a little of what we will have in this new deliveryone of the most successful productions of his production house to date.

“Aurelio Casillas literally revives because millions of people were asking”, words similar to those that the actor from 45 yearssharing it along with the trailer for the new season that will soon hit our screens.

Of course, netizens were surprised by the decision, some commenting that it could even be the best series that has ever existed, some also called for the return of another important character, Monica, so fans were also commenting on the piece of entertainment.

There is no doubt that the epic finale of the seventh season seemed that Aurelio would never return, after his burial little did they imagine that there could be something beyond, however, we can already see the first images of the eighth season and yes, it’s back.

In the preview video you will be able to realize how it comes back, a clip that really excites any fan of the series, even some Internet users who had not yet seen anything about it caused a lot of adrenaline with its action scenes.

And it is that observing a part of Mexican culture so thoroughly is something really surprising, much more so when the characters carry out actions that not many would dare to carry out, which is why it has kept all the viewers who have had the opportunity to see her

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