Rain of criticism against Brie Larson after the publication of her latest video

In recent months, the market for NFT (Non Fungible Tokens, that is, non-exchangeable goods), virtual reality and the metaverse have been expanding, also in Hollywood. The latest to join the digital scene has been brie lanson, who has been harshly criticized for her decision on social networks.

the protagonist of Captain Marvel has shown his interest in this digital world in a new video in which he promotes the mobile application someplace, which allows users to shop and showcase their NFT collections, as well as interact with other participants.

“Welcome to a little corner of the Some Place metaverse. I look forward to welcoming you all back soon.”

Apart from the criticisms that point to the environmental impact and the speculative bubble caused by these digital universes, more and more industry agents are involved in the development and sale of this world, emphasizing the exceptional nature that has placed them at the forefront of the online collecting.

Be that as it may, Larson has been harshly criticized by users on networks who are totally against the proliferation of this metaverse. Some have even chosen to charge the actress with winks at starwars, saga of which he is a confessed fan.

“It’s so sad to see Brie of all people doing all this shit. Before Marvel she was an indie queen who liked and was a normal person, and now… They have turned her into a corporate nightmare. Dislike. It’s been a weird two years watching the fall of him.”

“Brie, you’re taking a path I can’t follow.”

“My disappointment in your performance cannot be overstated.”

“Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.”

“I hope you got paid $7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for this because that’s the amount of damage you just did to your agent.”

“Brie, look at me. This isn’t you. Look at me. Stop this. Not okay. Have a little class.”

“You have become what you swore to destroy.”

“Brie please play Animal Crossing again. Anything but this.”

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