rainbow nails like those of Megan Fox


the Pride Month 2021 it is coming to an end. And we greet him with the beautiful nail look shown on social media by Megan Fox. The American actress and model, 35 years old in May, declared more than ten years ago that she is bisexual and, with her rainbow manicure, reiterates its full support for the LGBTQIA community.

Megan Fox’s rainbow manicure

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The girlfriend of the handsome and cursed musician Machine Gun Kelly (and ex of Brian Austin Green, with whom she had three children) has exhibited on her Instagram profile her hands look, destined to dictate trend. on Extra long nails customized by square cut, Megan Fox proposed the rainbow version the classic, timeless French manicure. Thus, base of the bare pink nails and multicolor ends. All sealed by the inevitable layer of transparent top coat, to obtain a glossy finish. As for his being bisex, the statement made to the magazine remains unforgettable Esquire in his June 2009 cover interview: “I have no doubt about my bisexual being. The fact is that we are under pressure from society and often find ourselves making choices dictated by this influence”. Well said, Megan! And know that this summer we will copy all your wonderful rainbow nails.

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