Ralf Rangnick discusses his failure at Manchester United and his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

The German coach will lead his last game in charge of the Red Devils this Sunday.

Manchester United’s season under Rangnick fell short of huge expectations. The Mancunians are 6th and will not play in the Champions League next season. A failure, which the tactician tried to explain to the English press: “We never approached the aggressive and proactive football that I normally always want to play: attacking opponents in their own half of the field. I am more than self-critical, I should have done better. I expected that my staff and I could develop the team in a more sustainable way.”

“It’s not just the players, we all could have done better. In some clubs it took years before this way of playing was reflected. Normally there is also preparation, but I came in December and we could only focus on the next race. That’s no excuse. We could and should have done better, I’m also talking about me and my team.”

His management of Cristiano Ronaldo was also a challenge and a potential source of difficulties. “He scored a few goals. But Cristiano, and I don’t blame him at all, he was very good in some games, is not a monster at pressing, commented the German. He is not a player , and he wasn’t either when he was young, who shouts: ‘Come on, the opposing team has the ball, where can we get it?’ And it’s the same for other players.”

“So we had to compromise, maybe we overdid it, it’s possible. But we never found the right balance between what we had to do with and without the ball. Even in the possession phase, we did not create enough chances”, he then drew up a balance sheet.

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