Randy Malcom responds to those who suggest that he get a nose job

the cuban singer Randy Malcolmmember of the duo Zone Peopleresponded to the criticism he received for his nose in one of his latest publications, in which many followers suggested that he undergo an aesthetic procedure.

“Yesterday I uploaded a video and many sent me to operate on my nose, I guarantee that all these noses are happy like this. I would never touch mine… I love you, accept yourself as God brought you into the world. PS: I inherited it from my dad”, Randy wrote alongside several photos of celebrities who have noses similar to his, including baseball player Papi Ortiz, actors Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, singer Usher and basketball star LeBron James.

The video that generated criticism of his nose was published the day before, and Randy appeared in a pool, under a stream of water, enjoying his stay in Puerto Rico, where he offered a concert with Alexander Delgado this Friday night in the Coca-Cola Music Hall.

Randy Malcom’s response received lots of supportive comments and several people did not believe what the singer was saying.

“That nose is blessed, people are very crazy”, “People did get into it!!!! Let them have brain surgery to see if they generate!”, “Self-love. 100% agree with you. If everyone loved each other as they are, there would be less complexes, hatred and disagreements”, “That is the attitude, loving oneself”, “Real people go overboard”, were some of the comments.

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