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“Even if it’s a high wall, no matter what kind of opponent, steal the target, Japan,, Japanese duo Ukasuka-ji grabs attention with catchy beats women’s football world cup When eleven times neither more nor less impressive sound was heard in the stadiums.

Scoring goals at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is a double party. As was the case at Qatar 2022, each of the 32 participating teams celebrated their goals to the tune of the song their federation has chosen for the moment.

Though few can understand his writing, “Shourie no Emi Wo Kimi”A popular Japanese song that symbolizes Japan’s pride and determination has gone viral in New Zealand stadiums as it echoes with each goal scored by the team.

The single was played four times the day before, when Japan defeated Spain 4–0. Impressed by the spectacle presented on the field, it did not take long for the crowd that accompanied the game to surrender to a celebration that was also musical. Every time the Japanese waved the net, thousands of fans sang in unison: “Wuuuuuu.”

Somebody even risked a few words in the verses, as this initially odd song becomes New Zealand’s new sensation thanks to goals from Japan, the top scorer of this World Cup so far.

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Eleven goals were scored in three group stage matches: 5 against Zambia, 2 against Costa Rica and 4 against Spain.

Spain exactly, with “great night” Rafale’s legacy for this World Cup event after the successful World Cup 2022 in Qatar – and “is coming” De Farga, having scored seven goals in the group round, is second in the scoring.

taylor swift and her “ready for it”, from 2017, has never been so current and it is the song chosen by the Americans, four-time champions and who are chasing a fifth global title in the guise of the Princess of Pop. Swift’s mean-girl songwriting has set the party pace four times so far.

electronic classic “Kernkraft 400” From the German project Zombie Nation, which combines techno and electro, turned stadiums into a real rave dance a total of seven times, six of which Germany beat Morocco.

Co-hosts New Zealand were already responsible for the opening of this 2023 World Cup playlist. “freed from Desire”Singer Gala’s 90th single, forward Hannah Wilkinson celebrates the historic goal against Norway that gave New Zealand their first ever World Cup win.

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In addition to the host team, France and Switzerland have also chosen this song for their goal celebrations, which is why “Freed from Desire” has already gone viral and, with its upbeat melody, is well known among fans. .

Also with seven entries so far, Sweden presents to the world singer Miss Lee, interpreter of “Veran Sang”While Norway closely follows the party with its motivational rap “I Saw the Winner” From Ugbad Musti.

Also co-hosts Australia got the fans on their feet with their single “losing it”Fischer’s side, after scoring four goals the day before and bidding farewell to the Canadian team.

In this eclectic soundtrack, which has fans warming the stadiums despite the bitter cold, there is also room for Latin rhythms, represented by Brazilian funk, Argentine cumbia and Colombian vallenato.

Five times Brazil guaranteed a celebration with themselves “Pagodao do Birimbola” (Machadez, Mousic and Os Quebradeiras), while the Coffee team led the party four times.

Argentina, despite the fact that it has not won the World Cup yet, Yerba Brava was able to celebrate the tie with two goals in the group and against South Africa under him. “Cumbia de los Trapos”.

With more than half of the World Cup still to go and a championship that is more equal than ever, there is no doubt that the spectacle of goals on the field will continue to entertain even through the megaphones of stadiums.

Source: EFE

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