Raphy Pina dedicates a tender message to Natti Natasha prior to her presentation at Premio Lo Nuestro 2022

The Dominican exponent of reggaeton, Natti Natashaexperienced a very special night yesterday during the 34th edition of Lo Nuestro Award. In addition to being nominated in 7 categories, the singer-songwriter joined her voice to that of her compatriots the alpha and Chimbala to sing the song “Wow BB” live for the first time.

From a distance, his inseparable life partner, the producer raphy pinacelebrated her and sent her a tender message full of love and strength by not being able to accompany her to the award ceremony that took place at the FTX Arena in Miami. Finally, Vida’s mother Isabelle Pina Gutiérrez won the Remix of the Year category with the song “Yesterday my ex called me” along with Khea, Prince Royce and Lenny Santos.

“Natalia, it fills me with pride to see you get ahead, to see you give your best even when we are going through not so good times,” began Pina, who was convicted of two charges related to illegal possession of weapons on December 22, for what Therefore, he is under house restriction and awaiting the issuance of a sentence that is expected to be carried out on April 1, 2022.

However, the above does not stop the good energy and feelings of the businessman towards his fiancée. “Tonight at Premio Lo Nuestro, both I and your family and fans will enjoy a fighter, talented, humble woman, (and) strong at the same time. Here I am seeing how you do it perfectly, although this time it is by FaceTime, it will not make a difference and you will demonstrate it as always. I love you forever, we love you and we wait for you back quickly”, continued Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, first name of the music producer.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the day, the singer set aside a space to respond to the message. The artist was nominated in the categories Female Artist of the Year-Urban, Album of the Year-Urban for “NattiVidad”, Remix Of the Year, Song of the Year-Urban and Collaboration of the Year Urban for “Yesterday my ex called me (Remix)”, The Perfect Mix of the Year and Song of the Year-Urban Pop for “Antes que salle el sol” with Prince Royce.

“Wherever I am, you are always present, in every detail. Where they see me, they see you because we are one. This too shall pass, because God does not send trials that we cannot bear. I love you forever. Tonight I dedicate it to you”, wrote Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista.

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