Raphy Pina will have to pay $137,840 to Don Omar for attorneys’ fees after losing defamation lawsuit

the artistic producer Raphy Pina Nieves must pay the attorneys’ fees and costs of William Omar Landronknown as Don Omar, after losing a defamation lawsuit.

This was determined today, Monday, by the judge Carlos Lopez, of the Miami-Dade Court, in Florida, after dismissing the lawsuit on January 24 in which Pina Nieves alleged economic damages and damage to her reputation because the singer called him “chota” on her social networks. The litigation began in March last year.

Court documents indicate that the costs of the legal representation of Don Omar —made up of Amado Alan Álvarez and Carlos O. Friger— amount to $137,840. Based on the breakdown, that would be $111,760 for the 139.7 hours at Alvarez’s $800. Meanwhile, the remaining $26,080 would go to Friger for 65.2 hours worked at a rate of $400.

In addition, the artistic producer will have to pay $401 to the Miami-Dade Court.

“The Court finds that defendant Landrón submitted a valid Settlement Proposal under applicable Florida law, made in good faith. That defendant Landrón is, therefore, entitled to be awarded attorneys’ fees and costs by plaintiff Pina.”says the order.

Don Omar made two publications today on his social networks. In the first, he wished his followers good morning and accompanied his message with a “gif” of a person eating popcorn. Later, he published a photo in which he is seen looking out the window and accompanied it with the text: “The great satisfaction of seeing the chaos.”

On the other hand, today Pina Nieves was supposed to have her sentencing hearing in the Federal Court of Old San Juan. However, the judge Francis Kiss He postponed it last Wednesday, for the third time. Now, the hearing to impose the sentence is scheduled for Monday, May 16, at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Pina Nieves was convicted by a jury for illegal possession of two firearms – one of which was altered to fire automatically – which were found by federal agents in one of his homes in Caguas.

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