Rapid swabs and Covid tests: where to buy them to save

Increasingly used in the prevention of infections, i DIY quick swabs they have become valid allies to independently diagnose any positivity to Covid.

Purchasable both in Pharmacy that online, the use of these DIY tests has increased exponentially around Christmas, in view of visits and dinners with friends and family. Thanks to the reduced price, these pads are accessible to most people, favoring the tracking operations; however the results of these tests are not communicated to the Ministry of Health. In case of positivity it will therefore be necessary to contact the general practitioner to undergo a molecular test.

THE DIY quick swabs I am antigenic tests, therefore they are able to detect the presence of some proteins typical of the coronavirus and highlight the possible presence of the antigens. Two types of rapid swabs can be found on the market: salivary swabs and those that take epithelial cells from the nose.

Quick swabs: how much do they cost?

THE quick swabs initially they could only be made in pharmacies or they could be purchased online; only from May 2021 can they also be found in shops, motorway restaurants and all other commercial activities that have decided to join the initiative.

It must be said that the price of quick tampons can vary, if you want to make an estimate the cost can be between 6-10 euros. For example, in some online pharmacies the test is sold to 9.90 euros.

However, it happened that close to the holidays the prices could exceed 10 euros, in that case it is preferable to go directly to the pharmacies and undergo their tampon, the cost of which is 15 euros. Since not all pharmacies market i quick swabs to be carried out independently, a solution could be to buy the do-it-yourself kits online, where you can often find advantageous offers.

Quick buffers: buy them online to save

The goal of quick swabs is to facilitate the operations of tracking which has proved to be an efficient ally for the prevention of infections. Even in this case, however, the tampons have a cost which, as we have previously indicated, can vary up to exceeding 10 euros, beyond which it is advisable to contact the pharmacies directly.

For to be able to save, a valid alternative is that of to buy the self-test online: an example among all, beyond the shops of online pharmacies and parapharmacies, is as usual Amazon, where you can also find advantageous discounts.

Usually it is up Amazon than in the online shop in pharmacies you can buy packs of rapid tests, inside which there is only one swab. In this case the price between Amazon and other ecommerce is almost always the same.

Here is a selection of quick DIY tests:

Or alternatively there is also a serological:

Amazon also offers a selection of DIY quick swabs, salivary or that take epithelial cells from the nose, in packs with multiple units, which are the most convenient to be able to save online.

Or also:

Quick Swabs: Are They Reliable?

An element in favor of quick swabs do it yourself is the extreme ease of use, it will be enough to follow the instructions carefully to be able to perform the test correctly.

Obviously in case of positivity it will be necessary to contact your doctor and carry out a molecular or rapid test in the pharmacy, in order to allow tracking and communicate the result to the Ministry of Health.

However, this kit does not have the same reliability as a traditional molecular test, in fact the risk is that the test gives possibilities false negatives. The advantage, however, is that of being able to preventively identify a greater number of Covid positive people even in the case of asymptomaticity and prevent further contacts and infections.

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