Rare case showcases diaries of Roman Reigns hairstyles for ‘tribal leader’ behavior

When it comes to WWE, the look of a wrestler has gone through quite a few changes over the years. This may be due to their physique or hairstyles. This is often about their stunts or the storyline they are working on. So why didn’t this affect Roman Reigns’ hair?

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Reigns has had long, wavy locks since his debut. Even after turning into a tribal leader, Raines retained his hair. Is there something behind his hair? Does it have anything to do with his legacy?

WWE Tribal Chief and Samoan hairstyle


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With the tribal chief character, we know that Reigns is part of the Anoai wrestling family. This legendary Samoan family produced some of the world’s most famous wrestlers. Some big names include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Usos, Yokozuna, etc. But did you know that Reigns is half Italian? His father is of Samoan descent and his mother, Patricia, was born in Italy.

This mix resulted in Raines hitting the good hair jackpot. Since his debut, he has been showing off his long, dark, thick locks. Raines has been known to keep her hair in good health, both loose and tied up in a manly bun. His hair would have been down during matches when he was part of SHIELD. Similarly, during his run with babyface, this will be his default style. However, as he adapted his image as a tribal leader, his hairstyle changed.

Now Raines wears his hair in a man’s bun while filming commercials and even during some matches. A video posted to social media shows Raines fixing his hair with care. His hair and “Ula Fala” is his signature look. This necklace is made from pandanus fruit, part of traditional Samoan culture.

As far as Raines’ hairstyle goes, it’s not a fashion or style choice. It symbolizes his culture and his role as tribal leader. In Samoan culture, hair is an integral part of his behavior. Tribal leaders in Samoan culture regard their hair as a source of strength and pride. Cutting your hair is a sign of disrespect and dishonor. This is why Reigns never cut his hair in WWE.

SummerSlam 2023 and Bloodline storyline

The undisputed WWE Universal Champion is on a downward spiral. Betrayed by his right hand by Jay Uso and with only Solo Sikoa by his side, the tribal chief looks like he’s been cornered. After the Usos’ betrayal, both men thought they could send a message by participating in a Money in the Bank 2023 match. However, things didn’t go as planned when Jay grabbed Reigns for the first time in three years.


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Despite his first loss, Reigns is set to take on Jay at SummerSlam in a Tribal Combat match. The match will take place without a countdown or disqualification. The only way to win is to knock down a pin or a submission. Sikoa could intervene, but Jimmy was on Jay’s side. The Civil War chapter of the Bloodline storyline is one of the most exciting and triumphant angles in recent WWE history. Even Eric Bischoff said that Bloodline’s angle was better than the nWo, considered one of the best.

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What are your predictions for SummerSlam 2023? Will the chief of the tribe win or will Jay kill the head of the table clean?

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