The Drive and Barbie actor is characterized as a method artist. In this movie he gave absolutely everything.

Ryan Gosling.
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ryan gosling He is one of the leading actors in hollywood currently. At 42 years old, he has an extensive career in the entertainment industry, having worked from a very young age on fiction such as Are you afraid of the dark? and forging himself as an actor over time.

If there is something that characterizes goslin when it comes to interpreting a role, it is his method. The actor applies this technique to each job to improve his skills as a performer and give a more authentic and realistic performance. Shooting with him means practically not knowing his real person.

One of the rarest films in the filmography of ryan gosling is Lars and the real girldirected by Craig Gillespie. In this film, the actor gave absolutely everything to play the lead, delivering a memorable performance that many consider one of the best of his career, but also one of the strangest.

In Lars and the real girl, goslin He plays Lars, the protagonist. He is about a lonely young man who falls in love with an inflatable doll. The film follows the story of Lars as she navigates life with his “girlfriend” and how his community comes together to help him overcome his emotional issues.

+The Ryan Gosling movie everyone is waiting for this year

Ryan Gosling’s character in the new film. (IMDb)

If we talk about movies ryan gosling we cannot leave out the long-awaited premiere of this 2023. The actor will be the co-star in Barbie. The film’s plot centers on the iconic doll, played by margot robbiewho is thrown out of her perfect plastic city and embarks on an adventure in the real world.

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