Raúl Araiza’s daughter declares herself pansexual and shows off her girlfriend on networks | Mexico news

Camila Araizadaughter of one of the most beloved drivers of Televisa, Raul Araizarecently opened his heart and spoke with his social media followers about one of the most intimate aspects of his life, openly declaring that it is part of the LGBTTI+ community.

In Instagramthe 26-year-old shared in a series of photographs that this weekend she went to the pride parade for the first time, taking advantage of coupleto show off his girlfriend and give a message of inclusion and empowerment.

Camila’s message begins by sharing that for some time now she has lost the fear of being herself and in his acceptance processunderstood that what matters is love in all its forms.

“I feel complete and free, loved and grateful to all the souls that accompany me today to celebrate unconditional love in all its forms… I am more than a name, age, gender, more than a body, that everything I owe it to myself because that is self-love and that is my greatest mission.”

He also took the opportunity to share that has found love and that she is happy to finally be able to shout how happy she is to the whole world.

“Today I found a soul just like mine and yes, this exists, we are and we come from the same”, he added.

In her post, Camila commented that she regrets that in the society we live in there is still someone refuses to accept what he sees as differentHowever, she is proud of who she is and who she loves.

The publication that has several photographs of her and her partner carrying the flag that identifies pansexual people has already gathered thousands of likes and comments of support and affection for the young woman.

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