Raulín Rosendo transferred to Montefiore Hospital

The sonero Raulin Rosendo was transferred to the Montefiore Hospital, after he was urgently admitted from early hours at St. Barnabas HospitalNew York, where he was going to undergo a new procedure of catheterization cardiac arrest, to correct a third blockage in one of your arteries.

However, according to a health update made available to Free Journalat the St Barnabas Hospital It was not possible to operate because apparently the center did not have the conditions for this type of problem.

He is currently in the Montefiore Hospitallocated in the Bronx, New York, waiting for the operation and is in an intensive care room with assisted breathing, as reported to DL.

At 3:00 pm this Friday, the son of Raulin Rosendo, Raul San Miguel, reported that the interpreter of “Lady Laura” is delicate and that he will report any news.

“My dad is in a delicate state. This morning, after he had a procedure (his condition was complicated). The other days, with the medications, he was not reacting positively,” he said.

He added: “Yes, he is delicate, but they are treating him and so far he is alive, thank God. I do not want to get ahead of myself, I do not want them to speculate.”

“The doctor explicitly knows that anything is going to call me. If I don’t put something in, it’s because nothing has happened. Raulin Rosendo He is still alive, keep him in your prayers and he is in the hands of God,” he concluded in his message released after 3:00 in the afternoon.

The artist’s manager Luisin Marticonfirmed that today, Friday, March 25, he had a relapse and is admitted to the hospital receiving attention.

The first procedure

Last Tuesday the artist reported that he had undergone a catheterization cardiac arrest and posted a video on his social networks in which he reported that he was in good condition.

“We are leaving the hospitaleverything went well and I hope they stay with me,” reported the interpreter last Tuesday through a video sent to the media.

Raulin Rosendowho has lived in New York for years, was infected with COVID-19, a disease that left him with consequences, according to what his manager declared a few days ago through a statement.

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