Rauw Alejandro and Daddy Yankee set a date for their long-awaited ‘Track 7’: This is how ‘Panties y Brasieres’ sounds | LOS40 Urban

The mystery is over. we finally know when will Rauw Alejandro premiere his highly anticipated and hitherto missing Track 7 of Saturn. The Puerto Rican will join Daddy Yankee for this song, which he has titled Panties and Bras.

The collaboration premieres on January 26., that is to say, from now on, so this Friday will be one of our favorite musical novelties of the weekend. With it, the two Puerto Ricans intend to make the world perrear with a reggaeton typical of the old school.

The brief fragment that Rauw has shared on his social networks allows us to intuit the theme of the song: free women. “The girl lets go of Raw like that with the Yankee / The bras and panties are raining. You tell me and I’ll look for you in the Ducati / so you can wear Perry like Katy, baby / Loose, she went out without permission with all her girls for a walk…“, reads part of the letter.

With visuals that follow the futuristic line that he has used in past works -such as: in sci-fi with Tainy-, the two artists become holograms. A kind of faceless Sims that are still loading (loading…) his character in a parallel universe.

Last weekend, the author of rum cola Madness was unleashed in SanSe at the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, in San Juan (Puerto Rico). From a balcony, he organized a real, semi-improvised party with neon and LED lights that made up the word Track 7. The screams of their fans resounded when they heard the first chords of the song and, seconds later, the perreo took over the bodies of those present.

Industry peers like De La Ghetto, Alvarito Díaz and Baby Rasta have not been slow to react to this small piece of the song and some have classified it as “PAAAALOOOO”. It’s coming hitazo!

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