Rauw Alejandro will finally release “Track 7” from the album “Saturno”

It will be a collaboration with Daddy Yankee. This song was the only one unreleased since the album’s release two months ago.

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Rauw Alejandro and Daddy Yankee

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In November last year Rauw Alejandro released his third record material “Saturno”, composed of 18 songs. Although the songs were released on platforms of streaming, the physical sale of the album was scheduled until January 27, 2023 and it was revealed that track seven was not released.

on platforms of streaming was placed on track 7 a 20 second sound clip where the word “downloading” is heard in English. During interviews, the singer only announced that it was a collaboration with his compatriot Daddy Yankee.

A few weeks after the “Saturno World Tour 2023” tickets were released, Rauleeto resumed the mystery of “Track 7” with a post saying it was time to unveil the latest song from “Saturn”.

Through an Instagram story, accompanied by Daddy Yankee inside the recording studioRauw Alejandro played a small preview for his followers to get an idea of ​​the sound of “Track 7”.

In the preview, the ‘Big Boss’ is heard saying “The girl lets go of Raw like that with the Yankee / Bras and panties are raining. You tell me and I’ll look for you on the Ducati / so you can wear Perry like Katy, baby”. Then Rauw follows with the verse “Let go, she went out without permission with all her girls for a walk…”.

Days later the secret was revealed and went up
social networks the same advance but with a high quality sound. He also reported that the real name of “Track 7” is “Panties & Brasieres”. In the short shared clip, it is anticipated that the music video will follow the futuristic concept of “Saturno”, since the digitized faces of Puerto Ricans were briefly shown.

It was announced on social media that “Panties & Bras” will be released on Thursday, January 26. Also Rauw Alejandro, through an Instagram story, showed what the physical case and disk of Saturn looks likewhich will be released a day after the song’s premiere.

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