Ray J: ‘Kim Kardashian and I would still be together if she hadn’t stolen my family’s money’

Singer Ray J says in an interview with Daily Mail that he and Kim kardashians would still be together if she didn’t “steal the money” from her sistersinger Brandy.

Ray norwood J, 41, dated the founder of SKIMS in 2003. The couple met while Kim was working as a stylist for Ray J’s famous sister, actress and singer Brandy norwood. Before the singer split from Kim in 2006, Ray J and Brandy’s mother sued Kim kardashians and her sister Khloé kardashians for allegedly making over $120,000 in unauthorized card purchases AMEX from norwood.

These purchases would have been used to supply the sisters’ clothing line DASH and Smooch. The lawsuit was reportedly settled out of court. During the interview, Ray J said:HAS go the fact that they stole money from my family, we’d probably still be together now“.

But when it happened, I said, “I don’t want to sleep anymore ‘with you – you stole money from my family”. So that’s why we stopped talking.

The singer R&B confided that he would probably still be with the reality TV star without it.

Ray J recently criticized Kim and her famous reality TV family for using him in a way dishonest as plot in their new series Hulu “Tea Kardashian’s“. In the first season of this new reality show, the sex type of Ray J and Kim resurfaced, prompting an emotional reaction from Kim.

The show claims that Ray J’s management team contacted Kim, threatening to release unseen footage from the tape. At the end of the episode, Kim’s entourage were left speechless as her then-husband, Kanye West, was supposed to retrieve all of Ray J’s remaining footage and gift it to him.

However, Ray J claims that the whole “test” of sex tape was orchestrated by the momager by Kim, Kris Jenner. Sources, however, denied Ray J’s claims, saying he and Kim were paid more than $50 million for the video.

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