Rayados fan stood in front of the bus as a protest

Mexico City /

The defeat of Monterrey against Puebla led to a fan standing in front of the truck to reproach the squad for their lack of “eggs”, an action that immediately went up to what happened in the Club World Cupwhere a larger group did the same after falling to Al-Ahly.

In video shared by the chain TUDN you can see only one person enter a few meters to the area where the trucks are located of the teams in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium to recriminate a new defeat, which delayed the departure of the Gang for a few seconds.

“Fuck your mother everyone, they all lack a lot of eggs. They have everything, fucking ball of balls. This fucking t-shirt is too big for you“, the young man is heard shouting before the eyes of the sweet potato fans who were waiting for the departure of their winning squad.

Addiction was also expressed

In social networks, an account of The addictionthe largest animation group of the Gang, another harsh message appeared that does not clarify if it is directed towards the staff or managers.

“Is swollen declares war against you until they do it right”, can be read in the publication, which adds to the chants that he had expressed against Javier Aguirre a few days ago.

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