Rayden presents his first novel, ‘The approach of the cactus woman and the balloon man’

Close up of cactus woman and balloon man

On January 19, the first novel by Raydena work titled ‘Close up of cactus woman and balloon manwhich is described as a hymn to the value of what is different, a luminous love story between opposites that attract, without toxic relationships.

This is the synopsis of the novel: “Sahara loves flowers even though it has the name of a desert. Sahara works in the small family flower shop, although he dreams of other horizons just as green in which his mother’s shadow does not block the sun. Sahara knows all types of love and the flowers that accompany each one. But she is closed in mistrust.

Ciro works as a delivery man posing as Nico while he is on leave. Ciro has a goal: not to be like his father. And he goes out of his way to show that he is a good person while his aspirations are being frustrated. Ciro deceives himself with each attack with an excessive passion that he mistakes for love. Accessible skin. Impregnable heart.

Sahara and Ciro collide. Literally. They do it at the door of a bar in Madrid. And they hate each other…
…until in their solitudes they realize that with the shock over the rage a flame was lit. Perhaps the wind will fan it, if they build a space between the currents. Perhaps in it the shadows in which they hide will fly. Perhaps they can burn together and not burn: the cactus woman and the balloon man, drawing water from the air.

Some time after knowing the song, its corresponding novel arrives. This is what the singer and now writer says: «I don’t know what came before, if the song or the novel, but thanks to the cactus woman and the balloon man for bringing positions closer. In a world where different is considered impossible, my heart is on the side of the unlikely who dare.


A song precedes each chapter of this novel, and this is the soundtrack that composes it:

The close up of the Cactus Woman and the Balloon Man, Rayden.
Blue Orchid, White Stripes
Kick, Push, Lupe Fiasco
Shortly before ten o’clock, Serrat
Iron Sky, Paolo Nutini
Money, Marlango with Enrique Bunbury
Barrionalistas, The Boys of the Corn
Unknown, Carmen Boza
I wish I never met you, Little Boy Bombo Inferno
Brave, Ancient Morla
Headwind, Super Submarine
Sixtinain, Guitarricadelafuente
Don’t Wanna Fight, Alabama Shakes
I’m looking for a song, Ismael Serrano
Supermarket Flowers, Ed Sheeran
The Pérez Mouse, Cantajuegos
Vote for love, Amaro Ferreiro
Ieri L’Altro, Franco 126
Where to go, Long live Sweden
Hummingbird, Lao Ra & C. Tangana
Water, Palo Syrup
Guilt and Punishment, Carmen Boza
Faker, Iván Ferreiro

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