RAZZIE 2023: complete list of winners

RAZZIE 2023: complete list of winners

RAZZIE 2023: complete list of winners

The worst in cinema just received their “awards” this weekend, just before the 2023 Oscars. At this time, for many years, Hollywood has praised itself for works ranging from design to acting, going through direction, production and other aspects that make the existence of each film possible. But those egos also have their counterpart in the Golden Raspberry Awards, aka the Razzie, which is meant to be the antithesis of the Academy event.

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For 41 years, this event has taken the time and effort to select among its nominees the worst actors, directors, screenwriters and other people in the media, who have worked on some of the worst movies of the year according to this satirical ceremony that was co-founded by students from the University of California, Los Angeles alongside industry veterans in a ceremony that lampoons what the Academy does each year. Actors of the stature of Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry have been winners and some of them have even accepted their self-criticism.

Although this event is not without controversy from year to year, there was controversy recently when there was a backlash on social media because Ryan Kiera Armstrong, a 12-year-old actress who starred in the film Flames of Vengeance, had been nominated for the Razzie (37% ). This caused the organization to remove the nomination and one of its founders to apologize, as well as the confirmation that there will be an age limit to select the nominees.

This scandal reached the original actress of Flames of Vengeance (39%), Drew Barrymore, who criticized the Razzie Awards after seeing how a child actor was originally among the nominees for “worst actress”, a decision that caused a pushback in his final list of actors to receive a nomination. But that has not been the only problem they have faced; there was one recently involving Bruce Willis and his award being withdrawn when he was confirmed to have aphasia (before his diagnosis of frototemporal dementia was confirmed).

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Back then, the organizers of the Razzie Awards, which are given to the worst movies of the year, canceled the “honor” they gave to actor Bruce Willis after the announcement about his health problems. A few days after declaring him the winner, information about his health was made public, and managers withdrew their “triumph” because they did not see fit to award prizes to those whose medical conditions might have affected his performances. The Razzies had gone so far as to give the actor his own category called “worst Bruce Willis performance.”

This year’s edition of the Razzie has had winners that were already controversial in themselves such as the movie Blonde (59%) and the actor Jared Leto for his role in the disastrous Morbius (21%). But what was definitely a surprise came in the Razzie for Worst Actress category, where Razzie themselves had been included among the nominees and in the end they declared themselves the winners, probably as a way of saying they understood their mistake in including a girl in that category.


– Pinocchio (20%)
– Blonde (59%)
– Good Mourning (30%)
– The King’s Daughter (40%)
-Morbius (21%)

WINNER: Blonde


– Judd Apatow, for The Bubble (20%)
– Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, for Good Mourning
– Andrew Dominik, for Blonde
-Daniel Espinosa, for Morbius
– Robert Zemeckis, for Pinocchio

WINNER: Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, for Good Mourning


Machine Gun Kelly, by Good Mourning
Pete Davidson, for Marmaduke
Tom Hanks, for Pinocchio
Jared Leto, by Morbius
Sylvester Stallone, for Nemesis (37%)

WINNER: Jared Leto for Morbius


– The Razzie Awards themselves
– Bryce Dallas Howard, for Jurassic World: Mastery (54%)
– Diane Keaton, for With Gray Hair It’s Crazy
-Kaya Scodelario, for The King’s Daughter
-Alicia Silverstone, for Sharkwater

WINNER: The Razzies


Colin Farrel


Pete Davidson, for Good Mourning
Tom Hanks, for Elvis
Xavier Samuel, for Blonde
Mod Sun, by Good Mourning
Evan Williams, for Blonde

WINNER: Tom Hanks, for Elvis


Adria Arjona, by Morbius
Lorraine Bracco, for Pinocchio
Penelope Cruz, for Agents 355
Bingbing Fan, for Agents 355 and The King’s Daughter
Mira Sorvino, for Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend (15%)

WINNER: Adria Arjona, for Morbius


– Blonde
– 365 days (0%) and 365 More Days (0%)
– Pinocchio
– Flames of Vengeance
-Jurassic World: Dominion

WINNER: Pinocchio


– Blonde
– Pinocchio
-Good Mourning
– Jurassic World: Dominion

WINNER: Blonde, adapted by Andrew Dominik.


– Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, for Good Mourning
– The two real characters in the White House scene, by Rubia
– Tom Hanks and his face full of latex (and his ridiculous accent), by Elvis
– Andrew Dominik and his problems with women, by Rubia
– 365 Days and 365 More Days

WINNER: Tom Hanks and His Latex Face (and Ridiculous Accent), for Elvis

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