real bullet on a Hollywood shoot

Christina Aguilera sweeps the Cannes final party

Luxury night at the Cannes festival. Christina Aguilera was the star of the amFAR Gala to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. Among the guests was the Spanish Rossy de Palma.

The singer Christina Aguilera / EFE

The singer Christina Aguilera / EFE

Ana Obregón returns to the traditional summer inn

Ana Obregon has surprised his followers and the bathers of Ibiza by coming to do his mythical summer pose. This time, the bikini was worn under a Beach dress from Zara knitted. A black and white model like her latest looks, in tribute and I remember his son Aless.

The presenter has only wet her feet in the presence of the paparazzi and has had a few words for her little one: “I leave calmly thinking that there is someone happy to see their mother trying to live“.

Ana Obregón on the beach / INSTAGRAM

Ana Obregón on the beach / INSTAGRAM

Sylvester Stallone in search of a record

“I want to tell my Mexican friends that there will be a special event. the class of boxing biggest in the world. Let’s go for a world record! And keep hitting.” This has been the message that actor Sylvester Stallone has sent to the people of Mexico, where he is going to hold a masterclass in one of his gyms.

Actor Sylvester Stallone / INSTAGRAM

Actor Sylvester Stallone / INSTAGRAM

Doña Letizia shows off her arms in the parade of the Armed Forces

The kings Felipe VI and Letizia have been the clear protagonists of today during the central act commemorating the Armed Force Day in Huesca. Who has captured all eyes for his styling It has been the queen, who has worn a sober and classic dress, in light blue with polka dots, with a gathered sash and wide skirt, from the Spanish brand & Me Unlimited. With him he has boasted about biceps in shape.

Queen Letizia EP

Queen Letizia / EP

The judge of the case of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard begins his deliberations

The popular jury that for almost two months has followed daily the trial for defamation that the actor faces Johnny Depp with the also actress Amber Heard must meet to deliberate after the last day of the oral hearing is held this Friday.

In their final conclusions, Depp’s lawyers, who agreed to the court in Fairfaix (Virginia, United States) with a smile, argued that the actor is aware of “his mistakes“But he has never assaulted a woman.

Actor Johnny Depp / EFE

Actor Johnny Depp / EFE

The meeting of the Mohedano-Cano

A few days after it was revealed that Chipiona finally opens the museum dedicated to Dew Swornthe singer’s family has come to the city to celebrate a tribute mass to her in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla. The event was attended by José Antonio Rodríguez, Rosa Benito, José Ortega Cano and his daughter, Gloria Camila. And all of them have been asked about the same thing: the absence of Rocio Carrascothe words about who is family and the opening of the museum.

Rosa Benito in the tribute to Rocío Jurado in Chipiona EP

Rosa Benito at the tribute to Rocío Jurado in Chipiona / EP

The reunion of Fran Perea and Antonio Resines

fans of The Serranos are more than delighted with the latest image shared by Fran Perea. The actor has coincided with his father in fiction, Antonio Resines. The photo has generated thousands of reactions.

Fran Perea and Antonio Resines / INSTAGRAM

Fran Perea and Antonio Resines / INSTAGRAM

A real bullet appears on a shoot with two Hollywood stars

Scandal in Hollywood. After the success of Alec Baldwin, two movie stars like Halle Berry Y Mark Wahlberg have seen as the filming of his next film, Our Man From Jerseyhas been canceled after they found a real bullet on set shooting.

The shooting, this time, was not in the United States, but in Camberwell Green, in southeast London. “Police were called to report an object, described as a shell casing. It was found to be a crushed gas cylinder and the agents got rid of her,” they report from Scotland Yard.

Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg / NETWORKS

Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg / NETWORKS

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