Real España is on track for the final of the Clausura 2022 Tournament after beating Marathón

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The doors of the grand final of the Closing Tournament 2022 were touched by Real Spain, and twice. An impressive 0-2 victory against Marathón left the crossing of the classic Sampedrano on the verge of knockout.


Only a cataclysm will prevent the ‘Machine’ from returning for the second championship in a row to the games where the title is in dispute.

Incidentally, Real Spain also shook off 12 years of not beating the Green Monster in the Olympic stadium, the record was from April 10, 2010 by 2-1.


A meeting worthy of a semifinal began this key, where the show is always guaranteed. Before the 10th minute there had already been three clear scoring chances in both frames.

The first where Jhow Benavídez finished off inside the area and goalkeeper Denovan Torres took it out. Following, the purslane Juan Vieyra headed almost level with the grass and Luis ‘Buba’ López had to send the ball to the corner kick.

Lucas Campana sweeps the aurinegro defender Franklin Flores with everything in midfield.

And Júnior Lacayo inexplicably defined lousy with the bow only after a lag by Carlos Bernárdez.

However, ‘Lacayito’ had his revenge in the 26th minute. Franklin Flores withstood the marking of the improvised right-winger, Luis Garrido, and took the center, where Júnior Lacayo rose into the air and nailed the ball with a superb header. Great goal and aurinegro jubilation before the silence of the Metropolitan colossus.

This is how Júnior Lacayo celebrated his goal in the derby against Marathón.

The reaction of the ‘Green Bellies’ was not what was expected, Juan Vieyra had to appear with a free kick, where Buba López deflected again.


‘Buba’ López kept Argentinian Juan Vieyra at bay and another shot from a free kick was controlled by the experienced ‘Máquina’ goalkeeper when the match had just begun in the second half.

Real España acted intelligently and without despair, gradually raised the lines, taking advantage of the fragility in the lower area of ​​the purslane.

Allans Vargas controls, but Gerson Chavez barely gave him a break.

I went there where they struck again, Carlos ‘Chapetía’ Vargas and Kevin Álvarez combined, and the latter centered where the only teammate was.

In the play, Allans Vargas, Bryan Barrios and Denovan Torres remained as observers, in the first row, only Carlos Bernárdez jumped in to make it 0-2. Delirium of the aurinegros and long faces of the purslane.

Undoubtedly, the entry of the young Odín Ramos changed the face of Marathón, the only one that worked for the Uruguayan coach Manuel Keosseián.

Odín took out a powerful shot from long distance, but ‘Buba’ López once again showed off with the new cover.

Carlos Bernárdez took advantage of the opportunity and defined to place the final 2-0 against the purslane.

The emerald team did not find the formula and Yeison Mejía threw a heads-up where Danovan Torres was removed, although an offside was later sanctioned.

Allans Vargas shook the post and in the counterattack none of his teammates took advantage of the fact that ‘Buba’ López was lying on the ground.

Final whistle and the leader of the laps puts a foot and a half in the final. For Saturday’s second leg at the Morazán, Marathón must win by a difference of three goals to eliminate Real España.


MARATHON: Denovan Torres, José Aguilera (Elmer Güity, min. 46), Braian Molina, Allans Vargas, Isaac Castillo (Brayan Barrios, min. 46), Luis Garrido, Juan Vieyra, Mario Martínez (Odín Ramos, min. 72), Reynieri Mayrquín , Edwin Solani Solano (Carlos Ovidio Lanza, min.82) and Lucas Campana (Frelys López, min.82).

Trainer: Manuel Keosseian (URU).

ROYAL SPAIN: Luis López, Kevin Álvarez, Getsel Montes, Devron García, Franklin Flores, Gerson Chávez (Ezequiel Denis, min.90+3), Mayron Flores (Heyreel Saravia, min.66), Carlos Mejía (Yeison Mejía, min.74), Jhow Benavídez, Carlos Bernárdez (Omar Rosas, min. 66) and Júnior Lacayo (Edson Arzú, min. 74).

Trainer: Hector Vargas (ARG).

REFEREE: Selvin Brown booked Allans Vargas, Mayron Flores, Brayan Barrios, Getsel Montes and Jhow Benavídez.

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