Real Sociedad-UPNFM arbitration act inserted the prop and not Boris Elencoff, who hit the coach and fought with players


Surprisingly, the arbitration act of the 1-1 draw between Real Sociedad and Lobos UPNFM at the Francisco Martínez de Tocoa Stadium did not insert the chaos that occurred after the game on date 2 of the Closing 2023.

Once the game was over, the brother of the president of the oil club, Boris Elencoff, jumped onto the pitch and went to the Tocoeños’ bench to hit your own technicianMauro Reyes.

The players and members of the Real Sociedad coaching staff defended their coach by responding to the blows prescribed by their manager, who lost his mind, but has not yet been penalized.

These images were seen in the broadcast of the game, but what happened was not reported by the central party Melvin Matamoros and the adviser Franklin Arauz in the arbitration report.

“NOTE: At the end of the game, a person presumably the prop man named José García fought with players and a member of the coaching staff”, is the only text that mentions the chaos that took place on the Martínez Durón field.

Arbitration report of Real Sociedad (1-1) Lobos UPNFM.

Although the minutes do not denounce the conflict, the Disciplinary Commission could act ex officio, since the same thing happened with the mess between Olancho FC and Marathón.

Real Sociedad could run with the same punishment prescribed to the Coltsa team that in the first instance was punished with playing four home games behind closed doors.

for his part Boris Elencoff He is in danger of being suspended for a full semester, as happened with the president of Olancho, Samuel García, with six months of punishment, although he later appealed and the sentence was reduced.

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