Reasons for the Everton crisis, by Yerry Mina, which caused the dismissal of Lampard | premier league

Everton was left without a coach after the dismissal of Frank Lampard and confirmed his deep crisis, plunged into the relegation zone of the Premier League and with an epidemic of injuries and a spending train that have him ad porter of the debacle.

Why so catastrophic everything? It is worth reviewing the economic issue. It turns out that the owners of the team embarked on a monumental work that will be their new stadium, in which they have spent about 425 million euros.

And it is not the only front. A fortune has been spent on coach compensation alone: ​​Rafa Benítez, who billed almost 8 million euros per year, would have earned about 21 million euros after his dismissal, according to figures from the Liverpool Echo, and Lampard, slightly less expensive, would cost about 16 million euros. Equally complex is the management of the payroll, where they pay very high salaries: the Colombian Yerry Mina, according to estimates, would invoice 8 million euros. These are amounts that, if the decline is confirmed, would create a simply unmanageable gap.

Then there is the sports mess, which in Liverpool they do not blame directly on Lampard, although his record of one win and 11 losses in the last 14 games condemns him.

“Much has been made of the decision not to bring in more attacking players after the departure of Richarlison and with Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who suffered injuries last season. There is no doubt that Everton fell short, but the decision was a gamble calculated, which failed but was enforced. Calvert-Lewin looked in great form during pre-season, impressing the coaches and Lampard also had problems in the defensive zone. When Calvert-Lewin collapsed on the eve of the campaign, Everton were without a striker he felt he could rely on. Two of his three central defenders (Mina included) also succumbed to his absence until after the World Cup”, forcing the signing of James Tarkowski and Conor Coady.

The losses were very sensitive: Calvert-Lewin, Yerry Mina, Ben Godfrey, Fabian Delph and Andros Townsend fell in the first six months of DT and Calvert-Lewin, Mina, Godfrey, Nathan Patterson, James Garner and, at one point, Jordan Pickford they suffered physical problems and hindered the plans.

But in the 11 defeats in 14 games, 15 points in 20 league games and 4 consecutive defeats at home, the culprit was not only Lampard because he had very few resources and signings available and on top of that his players betrayed him with individual errors in definitive moments. . Good fortune, no doubt.

“Lampard is the latest victim of the long-term failures of the wider Everton machine that is now the subject of so much anger and frustration. Caught up in financial mismanagement and tied to a team made up of his predecessors, he was assigned what It must be one of the toughest jobs in English football today,” said the Echo.

Lampard saved Everton from catastrophe last season but doesn’t allow him to work miracles and resolve a chaotic situation he inherited. He is out today and cannot correct what seems like a very likely drop. The question is can someone reverse it?

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