Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

An example of struggle is the one shown Rebecca Jones65, who in 2018 faced the ovarian cancer and after months of treatment, he managed to overcome it in August of the same year; however, unfortunately we learned that in past weeks he suffered a relapse and this disease has returned. A friend of the first actress told us about it:

-How is Rebecca?
“I was very happy. A month ago she celebrated her birthday with great pleasure, she had an incredible time with her closest friends and she also has a lot of work”.

-Recently, we’ve seen her in various projects…
“Yes, he participated in the third season of the series Who Killed Sara?, with the prestigious international actor Jean Reno, and has been in theater, in works such as White Rabbit, Red Rabbit and An Extraordinary Woman Trapped in an Ordinary Life” .

-In fact, he’s about to start a tour…
“Yes, on June 30 the play I’m looking for the man of my life, a husband I already had opens in Tijuana; the tour will be throughout July throughout the country. Everything was going well, but unfortunately, a few weeks ago he received strong news.

-Because what you say? What happens now?
“In 2018, cancer was detected in her left ovary, just before anyone else did you release the photos of her leaving the hospital, which Rebecca had denied, but in the end she accepted that she was hospitalized.”

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

-But he had been fine for four years, right?
“Yes, that year she managed to beat it, and even last year she did a campaign to prevent breast cancer, but unfortunately, a few weeks ago in one of her regular check-ups, they discovered a recurrence.”

-What’s that?
“The return of cancer after a period of decrease or disappearance of signs and symptoms.”

-Where is the cancer?
“I only know that in one ovary, but I don’t know which one. The other time she was on her left and she told us that they did surgery, but she did not detail if they removed only the bad part or all of it. If it had been removed, she would be on the right, but I’m not sure.”

– What sad news!
“Yes, unfortunately, cancer does not have a word of honor and ovarian cancer very often comes back.”

How did she take this situation?
“Obviously, it distressed him, but he took it with great integrity, he did not cry. Maybe it helped her to know that every time she gets a revision check, that could be the result.”

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

-How difficult!…
“Yes, but she has always had a very strong character, and since her first diagnosis she has a greater strength.”

-What is the scenario?
“She has been very hermetic and has not wanted to give us many details, I do not know what stage her cancer is at now, I only know that they told her that apparently it is not as strong as the other time and that she started chemotherapy again, that will be the step to follow to beat him again”.

– She no longer took chemotherapies?
“No, what he continued with was his immunotherapy, which is a monthly application.”

-Does your family already know that the cancer returned?
“Of course, the first person she told was her son Max, who despite his mother’s composure, is devastated.”

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

-It is not for less…
“Max is very afraid of losing his mother, he is worried that this cancer is aggressive. He tries to inject great encouragement into her mother and tells her that she will get ahead of everything, but with her father, Alejandro Camacho, she has let off steam and has begun to cry.

Has Alejandro done anything about it?
“He has tried to talk to Rebecca, but they have a very strange ex-husband relationship; Suddenly they are very well, they mark each other and have very long talks, and suddenly she does not want to talk to him, and that is how it is at the moment, Rebecca has preferred to isolate herself from him.

-We learned that Rebecca was in the hospital at the beginning of June…
“Yes, but he handled it with secrecy. She was a bit delicate and she had to postpone her work commitments for a few days, but she is already with everything ”.

-Are you planning to take a break?
“No, she believes that the best way to stay in good spirits is to not stop working. She is leading her normal life, because she trusts that now the cancer is not so strong and she will take her chemo in a less aggressive way”.

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

So he’s going on tour…
“Yes, and he told the producer of the play, Antonio Escobar, that he wanted to go ahead, and fortunately he has his understanding, but if he felt bad, his role would be played by his alternate, Luisa Muriel, daughter of Alma Muriel ( RIP)”.

Do you think I’ll make it public?
“She has always been very reserved and does not want to be seen as weak at all. She will surely deny this note so that they don’t start asking her about it, because she becomes very sensitive, she reacts a little excited and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Let’s hope it goes ahead…
“Don’t hesitate. She is a warrior, she knows that God has the last word, but she has all the courage to move forward and she has already decreed that she will be like this, “she concluded.

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again


We talked with the prestigious gynecologist oncologist Víctor Vargas, who explained the following about ovarian cancer and its recurrence:

-What is ovarian cancer?
“It is a malignant tumor that originates in the female organs responsible for producing eggs (ovaries)”.

-Why can a person who had ovarian cancer return this disease later?
“Because even if the person has undergone chemotherapy or surgery the first time they had cancer, there may be small residual tumors in the abdomen, which grow back.”

-How frequent is this recurrence?
“Around 80 percent, due to the aggressiveness of this type of cancer.”

-What is the treatment to take?
“Generally they are chemotherapy or surgery, if the treating doctor considers it convenient,” he concluded.

Rebecca Jones: cancer invades her body again

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