Rebel Hearts, Rete 4 / Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman together on stage

Rebel Hearts, Network 4 film directed by Ron Howard

Rebellious hearts goes on the air today, November 26, 2021, on Rete 4 starting from 15.50. Incredible cast with protagonists Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman later became husband and wife, one of the couples who shook Hollywood. Produced and directed by Ron Howard, this is an American film produced in 1992, a quality film that Rete 4 offers in a range where blockbusters of this type are not always encountered. Needless to remember, but necessary, feature films such as’ Cinderella Man – A reason to fight ‘in 2005,’ The Da Vinci Code ‘the following year,’ Frost / Nixon – The duel ‘in 2008,’ Heart of the Sea – The origins by Moby Dick ‘and in between that little dramatic masterpiece that was’ A beautiful mind’, a director who, with his convincing past as an actor, has been able to characterize his productions with a unique style.

In the role of Joseph Donnelly then the actor Tom Cruise: we are already several years after ‘Topgun’ and ‘The color of money’, years in which Cruise placed excellent interpretations as in the case of ‘Code of honor’, or, even better , ‘Interview with the vampire’, years preceding the blockbusters from the cassette such as the ‘Mission Impossible’ saga or the niches, the highest peaks of his filmography, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Vanilla sky’. At his side that almost immediate blow of flame that was born in this film, Nicole Kidman in the part of Shannon Christie, an actress with ups and downs but in those years, also thanks to her relationship with Cruise, she distinguished herself in some very successful films . With her husband we remember ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Kubrick, but other were the films that made her an absolute diva such as ‘Cold Mountain’, ‘Fur – An imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus’, ‘Lion – The road to home’ , although the Oscar came for Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘The Hours’.

Rebel hearts, the plot of the film: the revenge of a wounded man

Let’s move on to plot from Rebellious hearts. Joseph Donnelly is the son of an Irish slum family whose house is burned for not having paid their rents for some time. The boy, now almost adult, vows to take revenge for the gesture and decides to make his landlord pay, but falls in love with the man’s daughter and gives up on the vengeful act. However, Irish life for the two young lovers is hard, a country that in those years (we are in the period of the great emigration of the early twentieth century) did not offer so much to its inhabitants who often saw a ship and a new life overseas as the only alternative. The two boys thus decide to escape together to America, the beginning of their glories and their torments, an adventure like so many lived in that pioneering era.

Video, the trailer for the film “Rebel Hearts”


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