Recognize the lesser known symptoms of heart attack

90% of heart attacks can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking adequate control if you have risk factors.

Brenda Camarillo | Sunday November 12, 2023 at 11:54 am

early detection of heart attack Important, especially considering less recognized signals.

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Although common symptoms such as chest pain are known, other unusual symptoms may occur before a heart attack.

in costa rica, 11% increase in deaths due to heart attack According to the Directorate of Health Surveillance, in 2022, the importance of identifying these less traditional signs has been underlined.

Some less common symptoms of a heart attack are:

unusual fatigue: Feeling constantly tired for no apparent reason. If you haven’t exercised or done any strenuous activity during the day, it’s important to be aware of this sensation.

changes in sleep: Sudden onset of insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

feeling light: Sudden dizziness or blurred vision.

indigestion: Heartburn, nausea, belching and bitter taste.

Recognizing the diversity of symptoms and their importance for early diagnosis, it is important to implement routine checkup To take care of heart health.

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In this sense, the Costa Rican Association of Rehabilitated Cardiopaths (ACOCARE) stands out for its comprehensive support for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, providing resources and hope for a full life. ACOCARE President Lizeth Lopez highlights the importance of providing holistic support from exercise to mental health,

On the other hand, medical devicesMany produced in the country play an important role in diagnosis.

Aware of the importance of accurate diagnosis, Philips has developed devices such as catheters to detect vascular diseases and guide wires to measure blood pressure, which can detect signs of cardiovascular decline and prevent heart attacks. Is important for.

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