Recognizing a problem is the beginning of its solution

Joseph Conrad says that, “Facing, always facing, is the way to solve the problem. Face him!”. Well, it is clear that we have a problem, a serious problem, with Health, with the state of the National Health System, a problem that has been going on for decades, that is transversal to the System, I even dare to say that it is deeply rooted in it and that does not distinguish from ideologies or political colors.

There are many voces that rise up and denounce that the model of our Health System has given upIt’s not that he’s dying, it’s that he’s a living dead. It is maintained by inertia, the routine work of its professionals, the persistent demand from patients, the day-to-day routine that is not capable of saying enough is enough and demanding that politicians take urgent measures and find a solution that allows maintaining a modern, up-to-date, close, accessible, decisive Health System, focused on what is necessary and on patients. It’s not too much to ask, although we obviously don’t see it on the near horizon.

“It is evident that we have a serious problem with Health and the state of the SNS”

It’s been a long time since the different Health Services have been showing alarm signalsthe professionals demand that the personnel deficit be solved, that structures be improved, that the bureaucratic burdens inappropriate for a 21st century Health and digitization be updated, that professionals be given what they deserve, that the framework that regulates their working conditions adapt to the times and your needs.

It is demanded by scientific societies, professional associations, patient associations, managers themselves, medical unions, students and deans, everyone who has a say in this matter. It’s more, the doctors themselves and other physicians are immersed in “strikes for dignity” that extend every day for more Health Services.

Opposition and governance

Given this, those who have the possibility of facing the problem and seeking solutions, the politiciansall, without differences of color or ideology, where they rule they hide their heads and, where they don’t, they raise their voices to ask for solutions. It is a constant. In the opposition you live very well, when you govern it is not worth preaching, you have to give wheat. Then things change and everything is forgotten, that if it is not the time, that if there are no resources, that if there is no budget, that it is very complicated, that this and that.

It is always the fault of the other, it is “the left banner”, “it is not the doctors, it is the doctors of the left, Podemites and Bolivarians”, “they are unions of the fascist extreme right”, “they do not want progress, they only want to cut rights”, … How many of these nonsense do we hear! All so as not to say clearly that we have a problem and we must find a solution.

“The SNS must be restarted, the statutory model, at least for physicians, has died and does not work. A radical change is necessary”

I have been writing about this for some time, proposing a change, saying that the Health System must be reinvented and restarted, that the “statutory” model, at least for physicians, is dead and does not work, that a radical change is necessary. ANDs crying out in the desert, denouncing the problem and doing it without those who can and must face it taking it seriously. The sad thing is that it is possible to find a solution, which would involve, first of all, acknowledging that we have a problem, that we all have it, not just the Autonomous Communities that I do not govern, not “mine”, of course, and that the The solution must come from the analysis and reflection, the consensus, the agreement of all the parties involved, from the professionals themselves, the patients, the politicians and managers.

Finally, as Joseph Conrad said, problems are solved by facing them, facing them! and I dare to add that since they are not resolved, it is by looking to the side, looking for the usual “occurrences” and taking out the fan to spread what we all know. Problem, recognize it, analysis, alternatives, proposals, consensus, solutions. It seems simple, but the reality is that, at the moment, it seems impossible to me.

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