Recommended: 10 movies to watch on HBO Max

1.- Elvis

There have not been many productions that have brought the life of the King of Rock & Roll to the big screen, but here Elvis Presley arrives with austin butlerthrough the frenetic montage, lights and monumentality.

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2. Birdman

This film marked the return of Michael Keaton. It is a somewhat autobiographical film for Keaton, which won the Oscar 2015 for Best Film and that includes Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts, among others.

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3. Batman

It is one of the premieres of 2022, where Robert Pattinson he puts on the Batman suit, playing a stage when he is still young and has only been a shadowy vigilante for two years.

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4.- King Richard: a winning family

Here is the life of the father of Venus and Serena Williams who was one of the promoters for them to pursue a sports career. with this movie Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor.

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5.- The theory of everything

In this tape the book is taken as inspiration Traveling to infinity: my life with Stephenthe second of the memoirs written by Jane Wilde Hawking and in which the lights and shadows of her marriage of almost three decades with Stephen Hawking.

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6.- The Godfather

There is also room for the classics, one of them is The Godfatherthe beginning of the trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola and based on the books by Mario Puzo

On HBO Max there are also parts II and III of the saga.

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7.- Django without chains

It is one of the highest grossing movies of Quentin Tarantino and who received numerous awards. An action-packed drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx.

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8.- Fight Club

For critics, it was one of the best premieres of 1999. Here an underground club of strangers get together to fightreleasing your frustrations.

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9.- Shark

This film does not lose its validity, and it is that it confronts the most terrifying creature of the 70s. Inspired by the homonymous novel by Peter Benchley, it is a classic of cinema with the iconic music of John Williams.

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Devil’s Legacy

It is the first feature film Ari Asterwho had managed to consolidate with midsummer (2019). Here a shocking accident on the road changes the life of the family, moving deeper and deeper into terror.

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