Recommended of the weekend: series, movies and video games

You were waiting for it and here comes the weekly list of recommendations, both to discover new things and others, which are not so much

We arrived again at the weekend portal and our team of experts got together again to bring you various recommendations to have fun at home: video games, movies and documentaries await you just a click away, now it’s your turn to dare to try them and experience all kinds of sensations

Recommended Series

For fans of Ozark there is good news, Netflix premiered the second part of the fourth season. And if you haven’t seen it, then it’s a good time to jump into the story of the Byrde family, a couple with two kids living a normal life in suburban Chicago until they move to a small summer town in the OzarksMo.

Once established, the situation becomes complicated when the Byrdes are involved in the clandestine world of illegal money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel after a failed financial operation.

Where to watch it: Netflix

How many chapters does it have?: 4 seasons of 10 episodes

How long are the chapters? between 50 and 80 minutes

In a totally different plan, the recommendation comes from the side of “Dark Tourist”, titled “The Other Tourism” in Spanish. Is a documentary series in which the journalist David Farrier investigates the phenomenon of “dark tourism” either “thanatotourism“, related to the people who seeks to visit places where tragedies or disasters have occurred.

In this way, Farrier joins tourists who visit the Pablo Escobar’s neighborhood in Colombiaa abandoned city after a nuclear explosion in Japanor one village in Indonesia where they take the dead from the graves after a few years.

An interesting way to get to know something far removed from traditional tourism that you can see on a weekend.

Where to watch it: Netflix

How many chapters does it have?: 8

How long are the chapters? between 39 and 42 minutes

recommended movies

One of the recent premieres on Netflix is “Operation Mincemeat”, titled in Spanish “The weapon of deception” and directed by John Madden.

The action is located in 1943in full development of world war ii while the allies prepare landing on german territory.

From this arises a delirious and incredible disinformation campaign for deceive hitler’s forces and prevent a massacre that begins with “planting” a fake dead English soldier with fake documents.

Based on a real event, it is ideal for those who like espionage and war stories.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Genre: suspense, espionage

How long does it last? 2 hours 7 minutes

Switching genres entirely, the next recommended movie is “Zombieland: Double Tap”, titled “Zombieland 2: Tiro de grâce” in Spanish.

In this title we find ourselves 10 years later with the four protagonists of the first part in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

With the spectacular presence and charisma of Woody Harrelson Accompanied by Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone Y abigail breslinthe film expands the delusion and the rules of this zombie world and will make you laugh constantly.

If you didn’t see the first part, look for it on Netflix and make a continuation with friends and, why not, a beer in between.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

Comedy genre

How long does it last? 1 hour 37 minutes

Recommended video games

If you like difficult but not unfair games, “Rogue Legacy 2” you will be interested

a new representative within the “roguelite” genre which has been made famous by geniuses such as “Hades” or “Dead Cells”, this game is a kind of reimagining of the first installment in which we have to embody a hero with class and random namealong a scenario also randomly generated.

The joke is that every time you die you lose all your progress but you can use the money you have found to acquire permanent improvements that are passed on to the next hero (your legacy) that touches you.

The interesting thing is that each character has different characteristics and also receives certain “curses” how to be colorblind (you will see everything in black and white) or be vegan and get hurt by eating meat, which is what heals you under normal conditions. Hilarious and challenging.

Where to play it? Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.

Whether you’re one of those who came to play games on a PC with EGA graphics (4 colors) or you don’t even know them, you have to play “The Eternal Castle”.

An amazing modern adventure made with graphics from a game from 1987, ideal for fans of Prince of Persia, Flashback or Another World.

We must move forward fighting and shooting the enemies that we come across while solving puzzles, in this false “remastering” that pays tribute to an incredible era of gaming on PC.

The best thing to sell this game is its trailer in which in just a minute you will be hooked.

Where to play it? Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch

Free games

As is already a (good) custom, the Epic store gives away games, this week there are three, only for Windows, which once added to your account remain forever.

The first is “prey”, a 2017 video game, a mixture of FPS and RPG in which we have to escape from a space base in which a race of beings called “Typhoon” chases.

“Prey” contains elements of games like Super Metroid and Dishonored, so if you like to shoot while combining elements and skills to fight, you’ll like it.

The second is “jotun”an action-adventure title that features beautiful hand-drawn art in which we are Thoraa Viking who must go through scenarios such as forests, caves and fields fighting against monsters of all sizes (some giants that occupy the entire screen) and solving puzzles.

Ideal if you like classics like Zelda with a touch of God of War and a bit of Shadow of the Colossus.

The third is “redout”, a spectacular futuristic racing game ideal for fans of classics like “F-Zero”, “Wipeout” or even “Pod Racer”.

In this title you can choose between a large variety of vehicles with various characteristicsto compete in 7 types of events spread over 25 different tracks.

Besides has support for virtual reality, online multiplayer and the best: split-screen multiplayer, ideal for playing some good races with your friends at home. And on top of that free.

To download them you have to have a epic games accountif you don’t have it creating it is free. Both games are available from May 12 through Thursday May 19 at https://store.epicgames.com/es-ES/free-games.

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