Record Release: 8 September

Every Friday, ife ame It includes the main record releases in the Spanish market. These are some of the titles that will be released this Friday, September 8th:


-AA Williams: “Without You I’m Nothing” (Placebo cover). Beautiful meeting.
-Alvaro Soler: “Oxygen”. Sony.
-Amtriya: “Cloud”. Banana Records.
-Angel Fay Garrido: “BL.”
-Calaqui and the Panthers: “Dancing in Sampa (São Paulo)”.
-Limestone: “Like a tree.” Calaverita Records.
-Candela Gomez: “Knives love.” Universal.
-Captain Sunrise: “Playback (Life or Death)”. Cheat.
-Catxa Salome: “Water comes.” Self made.
-Doja Cat:
“Demon.” Sony.
-Eva Calero: “The sower.” Self made.
-end of the world: “Night” and “End of the World.” Spinda Records.
-Fino Oyonart: “As yet”.
-Florent and I: “Now better than ever.” the volcano.
—Frank Suz: “You feel like Dorian Gray again.” Self made.
-Swan: “Jesse.” Partisan / Play It Again Sam.Grande Amore: »
-Great Love: “Ben God knows what I tried.” Ernie Records.
-King Creosote: “Blue marbled elm trees.” Domino.
—kuwe: “whatever I want”. Domino.
-Attire: “Speak no nonsense.”
-Los Zigaros: “Fast Rock.”
—Mans: “Now”. Mushroom pillow.
-Marina Griz (feat. Hoffa): “When I cry there’s no one.”
-women: “Saying you love me.” sound boy
—Peter Gabriel:
“Love can heal.”
-Rebecca Jimenez: “Skulls and Stars.”
-Rulo and Contrabanda:
-Ruth Lorenzo and Tanxugueras: “Queen”.
– Santero and the Boys: “Day of Death”.
—Sprintis: “Get up and eat.” City Slang Records.
-Tu Otra Bonita (feat. Gabriel De La Rosa):
“And if it’s not me.”
-Axoel Lopez (ft Rapion): “rise fall.” try hard.


-Allison Russell: returnee, Fantasy Records.
—Belako: I keep watering.
-Betty Davis: They say I’m different And betty davis (Reissue). Light in the attic.
-Courtney Barnett: End of the Day (music from the film Anonymous Club).
-Deeper: Attention sub pop.
-Erin Memento: shock of the moment (EPE).
-Fleetwood Mac: Rumors persist.
-James Blake: Playing robots in heaven.
Logan Ledger: Golden State. Rounder Records.
-Mark Linkous: bird machine, Anti-record.
-Nancy Griffith:working in corners (4 LPs and 4 CDs). Rounder Records/Kraft Recordings.
-odd number: Magic all around. All sounds.
-Roisin Murphy: hit Parade, Ninja tune.
-Romi: In the air.
Dig the mountain! Popstock!
-the chemical Brothers: For that beautiful feeling.
– Coral: Holly Jo’s Coral Island Medicine Show.
– Coral: Sea of ​​mirrors.
-Hangman: Stories to tell.
-many: A song for Leon. Tribute to Leon Russell, Primary wave music.

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