Record shows the funny voice of Margot Robbie in Barbie

Photos and videos of Margot Robbie on the set of Barbie. The Oscar-nominated actress continues filming the live-action movie of the popular dollbreaking the nets with each new image.

Now, a curious video has gone viral where the actress can be seen skating alongside America Ferrera. However, what was most striking was the tone of voice that Robbie will use to record this long-awaited film.

Margot Robbie’s voice for Barbie

Through social networks they were published more records of Margot Robbie recording Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s new film. In one of these, he can be seen wearing a suit and matching pink skates, in a characteristic look of the doll.

in one of these It is possible to hear for the first time the voice that the actress will use in the film. one lucky fan managed to film close enough to hear how Robbie will speak on the tape, Something that quickly went viral.

Even though it’s only seconds, you can listen to a Margot Robbie imitating the sweet tone of Barbie, being quite expressive and exaggerated. Something unnatural for the actress, but perfect to play the most famous doll of all.

Since recording began, Barbie break the nets with each new photo that leaks. And it is that Robbie has delighted with his personification of Barbiee, being the perfect characterization of the character and captivating the fans.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

However, she is not the only one in the project. Ryan Gosling was also caught on the set, characterized as the eternal companion of Barbie, the Ken doll. In fact, the two were seen skating together in matching outfits that quickly caused hilarious reactions.

Additionally, there will be multiple other actors and actresses playing the popular couple. In fact, at least so far, three actresses were confirmed to play Barbie and three actors to play Ken.

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