Red carpet: hits and unforgivable mistakes of the stars

In sweltering heat, the golden (not red) carpet of the Emmys It was a reflection of diverse tendencies. There abounded tulle, pailletes, embroidered stones and shocking colors. Also miniskirts, tunics and “oversize” models. Sobriety was the only absent.

Two of the most celebrated women of the night of the Emmys went home with a statuette in hand. The first was Zendaya, one of the most influential stars in fashion. brand image valentinewore a dress of that black and very elegant label, with a very wide skirt and a strapless neckline.

The other outstanding woman was Jean Smartwhich won last year and this year for the same role and the same comedy series: “Hacks” (HBO); Playing Deborah Vance, a fading stand-up star. Smart dazzled on stage in a magnificent white dress. The model had strategic draping and a fabulous asymmetrical boat neckline. The design was from Syrian Christian and was among the most applauded. Vogue magazine called it “the dress that will inspire brides over 60”, an expression that does neither Smart nor the model justice.

Jean Smart

Rachel Brosnahan interprets in “The wonderful Mrs. Maisel” (Prime Video) to one of the most elegant characters on television, but the dress she wore at the Emmys did not convince anyone. The design was from pamela roland, with a pronounced V neckline and embroidered with gauze flowers and pearls. She herself confessed that she was not her first choice and that she put it on at the last minute.

amanda seyfriedInstead, it was one of the most beautiful. Her dress Armani It was simple in design, semi transparent and with a crystal effect. At the neckline, an irregular ruffle gave a special touch to the simplicity of the model. “She looked like a mermaid,” many said.

amanda seyfried

Geena Davis was the star of one of the most emotional moments, when her work at the head of the “Geena Davis Institute On Gender Media” foundation was awarded, from which she fights for equal opportunities and working conditions for women in the media . She is a former model and actress, a symbol since she starred in “Thelma & Louise”, today she is 66 years old and an elegance with no expiration date.

Geena Davis

Julia Garner and Sidney Sweeney They did not shine so much on the golden carpet as in their acting work: both were twice nominated. Garner only won for her performance in “Ozark” (Netflix). The actress was wearing a black velvet Gucci design, embroidered on the shoulders and the skirt, with a cut at the height of the abdomen. The look had fans and detractors on the networks, but the response was not unanimous. As for Sweeny’s dress, it was perfect to her waist, but it was complicated by a hip-length double skirt that didn’t flatter her. An ultra luxurious Oscar de la Renta that did not highlight the freshness of the actress.

Oprah Winfrey, on the other hand, took all the applause impeccably dressed by Ralph Lauren, with a double-breasted sack dress that reached to her feet and a braid that cleared her face. Very elegant.

Jeremy Strong

elegant men

For men, in these situations, the tuxedo is the rule. And most of the actors wore it very well. The winners of the night, Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”-AppleTV-) and Jeremy Strong (“Succession”-HBO-) were the most photographed. Several men chose white suits to make a difference. Andrew Garfield, John Legend and Nicholas Braun they were highly praised. A few compliments more than deserved.

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